Casio’s 40th Anniversary Samurai Inspired Watch – MRG-B2000SG

Casio has announced the release of a new addition to the MR-G series, the flagship line of the G-SHOCK brand of shock-resistant watches, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the G-SHOCK brand. Honoring the Shougeki-Maru: Gai kabuto helmet, the MRG-B2000SG features the helmet’s maedate crest with a tiger pattern and evokes white ito odoshi, (Overlaying plates of armor bound together with white string) which signifies the strong determination of a samurai warrior who stays true to their own convictions. This special timepiece is offered in a limited edition of only 700 pieces worldwide.

The MR-G line is the pinnacle of the G-SHOCK brand, meticulously crafted down to the smallest detail and incorporating state-of-the-art technology and master metalworking techniques. Casio has superimposed the symbolism of strength and functional beauty from the samurai warrior’s kabuto helmet to create an original kabuto helmet, the Shougeki-Maru: Gai, specifically to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the G-SHOCK brand.

In its shock-resistant construction, the MRG-B2000SG embodies the Shougeki-Maru: Gai helmet’s bold determination and features a white band complemented with a bezel engraved by a master metalsmith. The bezel captures the helmet’s maedate crest with a ferocious tiger design, a symbol of strength, engraved by metalsmith KOBAYASHI Masao. The tiger stripes are expressed in a unique rock-grain relief pattern that varies in size and shape.

The pure white band evokes the look of the white ito odoshi of the helmet, representing a pure, unadulterated hue and incorporating a sense of bold determination, the will to be true to oneself. The band is made with fluor rubber, providing a flexible fit on the wrist, excellent durability, and stain resistance.

The case, made with titanium material, is ion-plated in a dark silver color and finished with a deep-layer hardening process to increase the hardness and bring out the crystalline pattern. These finishes give the watch a rugged look while reproducing the color of the helmet. The metal plate commemorating the G-SHOCK 40th anniversary on the side of the case, and the screw heads set with rubies, the gem of passion and success, add special touches befitting a special commemorative timepiece.

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