Casio Mudmaster GWG-B1000

In a groundbreaking development, Casio, renowned for its pioneering G-SHOCK series since 1983, has raised the bar in the realm of rugged timepieces with the launch of the Mudmaster GWG-B1000. This formidable addition to the Master of G line has been specifically designed to thrive in sandy, dirty, and demanding environments, promising unbeatable performance.

The Mudmaster GWG-B1000 is a testament to Casio’s commitment to enhancing functionality, structure, and design while ensuring unparalleled shock resistance. As a part of the Master of G line, which caters to those who venture into extreme conditions, the GWG-B1000 is poised to become a crowd favorite for its superior toughness and innovative features.

Solid, Power-Packed Design

The Mudmaster GWG-B1000 is engineered for resilience against dust and mud. Its exterior components are crafted from durable metal, resulting in a robust, solid, and powerful design that can withstand the harshest of conditions.

Enhanced Protection

Strategically positioned protector parts at the 12 and 6 o’clock positions fortify the watch glass, traditionally the most vulnerable to shocks. These components have been treated with a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating to ensure exceptional abrasion resistance. What’s remarkable is that these parts are meticulously crafted through a labor-intensive process that involves forging them into bezel shapes, achieving complex shapes in metal. The front button guard’s intricate molded form is achieved through metal injection molding (MIM), a technique that combines injection molding and a sintering process, resulting in high-precision metal parts in intricate three-dimensional shapes.

Triple Sensor Technology

A groundbreaking feature of the GWG-B1000 is its triple sensor technology. It’s the first G-SHOCK to incorporate a triple sensor that measures compass bearing, altitude/barometric pressure, and temperature. These vital data points are indispensable for users on land missions.

Smart Connectivity

In addition to its extraordinary features, the Mudmaster GWG-B1000 also boasts solar charging and radio wave reception capabilities. What’s more, it comes with smartphone connectivity. When synchronized with a smartphone, a dedicated app offers effortless access to various useful features, including a Location Indicator that directs the inset dial indicator hand to a location recorded on the map within the app, and a Mission Log that meticulously records activity history.

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