adidas Originals x Dingyun Zhang Unveil the Innovative Samba Sneaker

In a groundbreaking partnership between adidas Originals and visionary Chinese designer Dingyun Zhang, the iconic Samba sneaker receives a transformative update, marking the debut of their collaborative silhouette.

A Fusion of Heritage and Innovation

Transcending its origins in sport, the collaborative Samba sneaker pays homage to its rich heritage in football and skateboarding culture. Zhang’s meticulous approach involved deep dives into the adidas archives in Beijing and Herzogenaurach, unearthing inspiration to reimagine this beloved classic.

Pushing Boundaries Through Design

Zhang’s dedication to innovation shines through in every detail of the silhouette. From hand-selecting materials to meticulously measuring design elements, the shoe embodies a blend of conceptual artistry and practical functionality. Reflecting on his creative process, Zhang emphasizes the importance of challenging oneself to think beyond conventional norms.

Fluidity and Cultural Influences

Drawing inspiration from diverse sources, Zhang infuses the Samba with a sense of fluidity and cultural resonance. The patent leather upper, reminiscent of rippling waves, is complemented by a suede toe box and a matte embossed gum rubber sole. Echoes of the 2006 adidas Predator Absolute cleat and 2000s skateboarding aesthetics converge in a design that transcends boundaries.

Attention to Detail

Crafted with precision, the sneaker boasts intricate details such as breathable holes along the shoe’s stripes, a shortened tongue, and tonal branding. The monochromatic black finish pays homage to Zhang’s personal history, recalling his school days when customizing his Sambas was a nod to conformity with uniform dress codes.


Bringing the Story to Life

Accompanying the launch of the Dingyun Zhang Samba silhouette are dynamic films that employ cutting-edge technology to explore transformations in texture and concept. These visual narratives further underscore the innovative spirit driving this collaboration.

adidas Originals x Dingyun Zhang

adidas Originals x Dingyun Zhang collaboration represents a fusion of tradition and innovation, pushing the boundaries of sneaker design while honoring the legacy of the iconic Samba silhouette.

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