Drop + Grell OAE1 Signature Headphones

Drop, a renowned community-driven e-commerce brand, has joined forces with audio pioneer Axel Grell to unveil a groundbreaking innovation in stereo imaging and audio engineering – the Drop + Grell OAE1 Signature Headphones. Representing the culmination of Grell’s three decades of expertise in audio engineering, these headphones promise a listening experience that is both natural and immersive.

Revolutionary Design for Enhanced Sound

At the heart of the Drop + Grell OAE1s lies a radical design feature – the acute placement of drivers in front of and away from the ears. This unique configuration leverages the natural structure of the human ear to direct sound into the ear canal, resulting in a more realistic and immersive audio experience. By minimizing acoustic reflections and controlling sound pressure, the open-around-ear design further enhances stereo imaging and unveils the deepest dimensions of any song.

Axel Grell explains, “Our ears are as unique as fingerprints. By positioning the driver in front of the ear, we’re harnessing the natural geometry of the ear to deliver a sound that adapts to individual hearing curves, creating a rich and pure audio experience.”

Technical Specifications and Limited-Edition Release

The Drop + Grell OAE1 Signature Headphones boast an impressive array of specifications, including a frequency response of 12–32,000 Hz (-3db) and 6–44,000 Hz (-10db), a nominal impedance of 38 ohms, and a sound pressure level of 106 dB at 1kHz 1VRMS. With a maximum long-term input power of 500mW and a weight of 365g (without cable), these headphones are designed to deliver exceptional performance and comfort.


Drop + Grell OAE1 Signature Headphones

Limited to just 1,000 pieces, the Drop + Grell OAE1 Signature Headphones are available for pre-order at $349 (MSRP $399). With Axel Grell’s unparalleled expertise and Drop’s commitment to quality, these headphones are poised to delight audiophiles and enthusiasts alike.

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