BMW R 18 The Crown

In the world of motorcycle customization, one name stands out for its exceptional creations – Dirk Oehlerking and his Kingston Custom Customizing forge. Following the awe-inspiring R 18 Spirit of Passion, Oehlerking now presents his latest masterpiece, the R 18 The Crown. This extraordinary bike pushes the boundaries of design and innovation, embodying the essence of Oehlerking’s 30 years of passion and creativity in the industry. Let’s delve into the details of this remarkable motorcycle that pays homage to BMW Motorrad’s 100-year legacy.

A Vision Transformed into Reality

The journey of creating the R 18 The Crown began with Oehlerking acquiring a brand-new BMW R18, which he meticulously stripped down. Utilizing his signature approach, he sculpted the bike’s shape and lines using hard foam and cardboard, aiming to capture a powerful, elegant, and fast aesthetic fused with a touch of innovation.

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Engineering Marvels

Oehlerking’s visionary design required substantial technological adaptations. To achieve his desired look, he constructed a groundbreaking front wheel suspension in the form of a double-sided swinging arm with a central suspension strut. This innovative approach not only enhanced the bike’s performance but also added to its visual appeal.

Exquisite Handcrafted Elements

In his pursuit of perfection, Oehlerking handcrafted various elements of the R 18 The Crown. The 8-liter fuel tank and body parts were meticulously shaped from 2 mm thick aluminum sheet metal, showcasing the artisanal skill involved in their creation. The two stainless steel exhaust manifolds were also crafted entirely by hand, adding a bespoke touch to the bike’s overall design.

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Harmonious Integration

Despite its customized features, the R 18 The Crown seamlessly incorporates several standard components. The headlight, instrument cluster, switch units, and footrest system blend effortlessly with the bike’s spectacular concept. Magura clutch and handbrake fittings, Wunderkind rear mudguard and brackets, and a saddle made from 2 mm thick aluminum sheet metal and adorned with genuine leather complete the harmonious ensemble.

A Regal Finish

To elevate the R 18 The Crown’s visual allure, Oehlerking adorned it with a Champagne Platinum paint finish, featuring a mesmerizing mother-of-pearl effect. Adding a touch of grandeur, the BMW brand emblem proudly displays a small crown, symbolizing the bike’s regal status.

As we celebrate 100 years of BMW Motorrad, the R 18 The Crown pays homage to the brand’s legacy while setting new standards for innovative and individualistic motorcycles.

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