Casio A1100 Series: A Timeless Revival of 1970s Charm

Step into a time capsule and experience the allure of the 1970s with the Casio A1100 series. This remarkable timepiece brings back the classic design of the iconic 52QS-14B model, meticulously crafted to blend the vintage appeal with modern sophistication. From its full-metal case to the engraved mode indicators, every detail of this revival exudes luxury and stands the test of time.

A Timeless Retro Design with a Touch of Luxury

The Casio A1100 series revives the oblong front-button case design that made the 52QS-14B a legend in the 1970s. The full-metal case undergoes meticulous polishing techniques, resulting in a textured finish that adds a touch of refinement to its retro charm. The iconic front buttons, now recreated in metal, not only pay homage to the original model but also elevate the watch’s style quotient. Additionally, the subtle engraving of function labels further enhances the sense of luxury, making this timepiece a true collector’s item.

Exquisite Case and Face Design

Featuring a blend of hairline and mirror finishes, the Casio A1100’s case and face design showcase the brand’s attention to detail. Each component stands out, emphasizing the watch’s aesthetic appeal. The full-metal construction ensures durability while exuding a timeless shine that catches the eye. With its classic yet contemporary appearance, this timepiece effortlessly transitions from casual to formal occasions, making it a versatile accessory for any wardrobe.

Luxurious Metal Band

To complement the retro luxe of the Casio A1100, the watch is equipped with a lay-flat multi-row metal bracelet band. Not only does this band enhance the overall aesthetics, but it also ensures a comfortable and high-quality fit on the wrist. The tri-fold double push-button clasp adds convenience and security, ensuring the watch stays firmly in place. Whether you’re attending a social gathering or going about your daily routine, the Casio A1100’s metal band elevates your style with a touch of vintage sophistication.

Color Variations for Every Taste

Casio understands the importance of personal style, which is why the A1100 comes in a range of color variations. In addition to the metallic model (A1100D), which accentuates the texture of the metal, there is a sleek black model (A1100B) and an opulent gold color model (A1100G), both featuring IP finishing on the case and band. The green LCD on the A1100B pays homage to the retro PC monitors, adding a nostalgic touch to the timepiece. With these options, you can select the Casio A1100 that best suits your individual taste and preference.

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