Bianchi Impulso Family

In response to the escalating demand for speed in gravel riding across diverse terrains, Bianchi has unveiled the Impulso family, setting a new benchmark in the gravel biking sphere. Addressing a spectrum of needs, from hard-packed dirt to loose gravel, even extending to occasional paved sections or asphalt, this range seeks to cater to riders seeking both speed and versatility.

The Bianchi Reparto Corse has strategically crafted the Impulso models, placing emphasis on a delicate balance between aerodynamic prowess, reduced weight, and off-road adaptability. This comprehensive approach underscores Bianchi’s design philosophy, resonating with their commitment to innovation.

The landscape of gravel riding has undergone a significant shift, branching into distinct subcategories. On one side lies gravel racing, characterized by high-stakes competitions such as the Gravel Earth Series, Lifetime Grand Prix events, and the prestigious UCI World Championships. On the other end is the more leisurely gravel riding scene, often intertwined with adventure cycling, bikepacking, and exploration. These contrasting realms demand tailored solutions, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of the sport.

At the pinnacle of Bianchi’s racing spirit, the Impulso RC embodies the brand’s dedication to gravel. Much like the revered Oltre and Specialissima models, the Impulso family comprises three variants—RC, Pro, and Comp—crafted to meet the diverse needs of riders across the spectrum.

Fine-Tuning for Gravel Racing Excellence

Reparto Corse meticulously fine-tuned the Impulso RC, treating every aspect as integral to its overall performance. Drawing inspiration from the sleek aerodynamic frames of the Oltre aero road models, the carbon frame prioritizes weight distribution towards the front to maximize aerodynamic efficiency. Its progressive geometry, influenced by elite off-road and cross-country MTB racing, coupled with a shorter stem and extended reach akin to the Specialissima RC, ensures superior stability and control.

The Impulso RC frame’s adaptability shines through its capacity to accommodate 42mm tires, providing enhanced stability over rough terrain. With a bottom bracket drop of 70mm, it boasts maximum control and versatility when confronted with diverse challenges. ASTM2 certification solidifies its capability to conquer unpaved trails and gravel roads, even with moderate inclines.

Leveraging aerodynamic advancements from the Oltre RC and the Specialissima, the new Impulso frame platform integrates the fork with the head tube, while a bespoke aerodynamic RC wheelset elevates its status among the most aerodynamic gravel bikes in its class.

Reparto Corse’s dedication extends to the cockpit, enhancing control with a stiffer structure. The 16° flare on the handlebar bolsters control on technical descents, while its lightweight carbon fiber construction reduces the handlebar’s weight to a mere 340g.

Just as with their top-tier road models, Bianchi has meticulously chosen components that seamlessly integrate into the bike system. The Impulso RC features RC43 wheels, crafted entirely from 3K carbon, sporting a 43mm profile and 25mm inner channel for optimal performance.

The Impulso Family: Tailored for Every Rider

The Impulso family spans the needs of various riders. The Impulso Pro, designed for competitive athletes aiming to dominate UCI Gravel Series events, comes equipped with Velomann Terbium wheels and a Velomann Mitora saddle. Sporting classic celeste or steel grey with a matte finish, it’s priced at €3,463 (excluding VAT).

Catering to ambitious newcomers to the gravel racing scene, the Impulso Comp boasts a glossy finish in iconic celeste or premium gold-brown reminiscent of forest tones. Priced at €2,459 (excluding VAT), this model aims to provide an accessible entry point to the world of gravel racing.

At the helm stands the Impulso RC, a pinnacle of innovation and performance, geared for professionals competing in the highest echelons of gravel racing. Adorned in solid metallic celeste with accents in iconic CK16 celeste, this top-tier model is priced at €5,578 (excluding VAT), signifying the epitome of Bianchi’s commitment to excellence.

The Impulso family stands as a testament to Bianchi’s unwavering dedication to crafting high-performance, adaptable, and purpose-driven gravel bikes, catering to the evolving needs of riders across the gravel spectrum.

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