Yamaha HS3 and HS4 Compact Speakers

Yamaha, known for setting the benchmark in studio monitors, has introduced the HS3 and HS4 compact speakers, catering to the needs of creators with limited space without compromising on audio quality. These speakers are poised to become indispensable tools for music production, video editing, and other audio content creation endeavors.

Staying true to the legacy of the acclaimed HS Series, the HS3 and HS4 embody Yamaha’s unwavering commitment to excellence. Meticulously crafted, these speakers integrate high-performance class-D amplifiers, durable cabinets, meticulously selected woofers, and soft dome tweeters, ensuring faithful sound reproduction despite their compact size. Yamaha’s proprietary “Twisted Flare Port” technology reduces air turbulence noise in the bass reflex port, delivering clear and precise bass—a secret behind their exceptional resolution and flat response across all frequencies, preserving the original sound quality.

Equipped with ROOM CONTROL and HIGH TRIM functions, the HS3 and HS4 offer flexibility in adjusting the sound to suit various environments. These functions enable users to mitigate exaggerated low-end frequencies that often arise when speakers are placed near walls, ensuring an optimal listening experience.

The rear panel boasts a versatile array of connection options including XLR/TRS phone, RCA, and stereo mini connectors, catering to both professional and consumer equipment like computers, audio interfaces, mixers, and electric instruments. Essential controls such as the power button, volume knob, and headphone connector are conveniently positioned at the front for easy accessibility.

The compact design owes its existence to the highly efficient class-D amplifier, allowing Yamaha to reduce speaker weight and simplify cable connections by utilizing one amp for both speakers. This streamlined approach ensures these speakers are suitable for smaller studio spaces or easily portable for on-the-go use.

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