2024 Toyota Yaris Cross

In the rapidly evolving landscape of compact SUVs, Toyota is setting a new benchmark with its revamped Yaris Cross. After clinching the prestigious World Urban Car title and garnering numerous accolades within its first year on the market, this SUV undergoes a significant upgrade across crucial features, solidifying its position as a top contender in the European B-SUV segment.

The enhancements in this iteration of the model aim to cater to the primary considerations of buyers in its category, ensuring the Yaris Cross maintains its widespread appeal. Since its 2021 debut, the vehicle has swiftly established itself as a formidable force in the competitive European market, currently leading its segment this year.

The reinvigorated Yaris Cross promises a more dynamic and rewarding performance through its enhanced hybrid electric powertrain, bolstered safety features with the latest Toyota T-Mate systems, a comprehensive digital user experience, and refined styling elements that accentuate its contemporary urban design. Its introduction marks the completion of a comprehensive overhaul of Toyota’s small car lineup, standing alongside the new Aygo X and Yaris hatchback, while also being an integral part of the robust Yaris family that includes the high-performance GR Yaris.

One of the standout introductions is the Hybrid 130 powertrain, aligning with the fifth generation of Toyota’s hybrid technology. This option, available alongside the existing 116 DIN hp/85 kW hybrid system (now known as the “Hybrid 115”), offers customers more versatility without compromising on performance when downsizing their vehicle in the B-segment category.

The revamped 1.5-litre full hybrid electric system boasts a new transaxle featuring a more potent electric motor-generator (MG1), resulting in a remarkable 14% increase in total system output, elevating it from 116 DIN hp/85 kW to 132 DIN hp/97 kW. Additionally, the MG2 motor witnesses a substantial torque boost across its entire rev range, with a 30% increase, delivering more robust acceleration and improved overtaking capabilities.

However, it’s not merely about statistics. The driving experience undergoes a substantial transformation with maximized engine, drive motor, and hybrid battery performance. This translates to a more dynamic and responsive feel on both urban streets and open roads, further complemented by refined handling and linear acceleration, courtesy of enhanced drive motor assistance and the GA-B platform’s agility and confidence-inspiring capabilities.

Moreover, Toyota introduces a range of measures to minimize noise and vibration, elevating the overall driving experience. From engine noise reduction measures to combating wind and road noise with improved insulation, the Yaris Cross promises a quieter and more comfortable ride.

The digital transformation inside the Yaris Cross is equally impressive. Featuring a fully digital user interface, the vehicle offers a customizable driver’s instrument display and a more powerful, responsive, and feature-rich multimedia system, setting new standards in display sizes and functionality.

Connectivity receives a boost with wireless smartphone integration for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, while the Toyota Smart Connect multimedia system introduces cloud-based navigation and an “always connected” feature for up-to-date journey information.

Safety gets a significant upgrade too, with Toyota T-Mate, offering a comprehensive suite of advanced safety features, including the latest generation Toyota Safety Sense systems. These enhancements not only broaden the scope of accident detection but also introduce proactive features like Acceleration Suppression and Proactive Driving Assist, elevating safety and stress-free driving.

In essence, the upgraded Yaris Cross presents a comprehensive package, addressing performance, comfort, connectivity, and safety needs, cementing its status as a formidable contender in the competitive B-SUV market.

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