Bianchi E-Vertic

Under the e-Vertic name, Bianchi has designed a range of bikes dedicated to energizing your ride.

From performance mountain biking to city exploration, these electric bikes will power your journey and enhance the thrill of riding.

E-Vertic FX-Type Pro

E-Vertic FX-Type Pro

E-Vertic FX-Type Pro

The e-Vertic FX-Type Pro takes the form of a full-suspension carbon frame with 160mm of travel both front and rear and is built for 29er wheels. A true enduro beast. Aware of how important balance and riding position are to singletrack performance, Bianchi’s engineers lowered the battery position and rotated the power package backward. This created a bike with a lower center of gravity for more control and responsiveness when pedaling – and allowed the mounting of a 750 Wh Bosch battery on the e-Vertic FX-Type Pro.

Designers and engineers worked closely to create a frame capable of unloading maximum power to tackle the more technical sections of singletrack.

From this need came the idea of closing the front triangle of the e-Vertic FX-Type Pro with a carbon section that would generate greater stiffness at the front and ensure the necessary reactivity for the best riding experience both uphill and downhill.

FX-Type Pro Features

  • The e-Vertic FX-Type Pro has designed an open head tube angle that still allows you to maintain a compact riding position and guarantees high performance in terms of responsiveness. This means that in the most technical passages you will always have control of your bike both when you have to push to overcome stones or roots uphill, and when you have to let it go for acceleration downhill.
  • The E-Vertic FX-Type Pro is equipped with a very short carbon wagon to allow you to unload all the power you need on the rear wheel to overcome the steepest sections and to have high rear control on the most demanding descents.
  • The e-Vertic FX-Type Pro is a progressive bike that has been designed in a way that guarantees balance at the pivot points between the rear shock and the wagon. This lets you take advantage of all the rear wheel travel, without risking damaging the carbon frame – even if you throw yourself into the toughest singletrack and subject the frame to intense and frequent rear-end stresses. In addition, the suspension of the rear shock absorber has been optimized for the specific kinematics of the FX-Type Pro, to react harmoniously without breaking through, even in the most brutal sections.
  • Just as with responsiveness, enduro demands high standards in relation to rideability. Precisely for this reason, the e-Vertic FX-Type Pro has been designed to be extremely stable and precise. This is achieved with the geometry and specific components, such as the 50mm stem and the 780mm handlebar. By riding the e-Vertic FX-Type Pro you will be able to set any curve in the best possible way, from the tightest and slowest corners to the fastest and widest radius corners, and overcome the toughest sections of climbs with extreme agility.
  • Heralding a new era in e-MTB, the electric core of the e-Vertic FX-Type Pro is powered by the state-of-the-art Bosch CX Smart System motor unit, with a torque of 85 Nm and a Bosch 750 Wh battery. The maximum autonomy of the e-Vertic FX-Type Pro is 155km, and a full charge takes six hours. For the most extreme itineraries, a specially-designed cover protects the battery and engine from external agents. This can be easily removed when it’s necessary to remove the battery to recharge it. Finally, the Kiox color display mounted directly on the handlebar lets you keep an eye on power levels and ride data.

E-Vertic FX-Type

E-Vertic FX-Type

E-Vertic FX-Type

The e-Vertic FX-Type is born from the same design as the Pro version, with a full-gas, full-suspension aluminium frame. Aggressive uphill and awesome downhill, the E-Vertic FX-Type reacts perfectly on whichever trail your love of off-roading brings you to.

E-Vertic FX-Type Features

  • The e-Vertic FX-Type is the perfect e-MTB whip, with a full-suspension aluminium frame offering 140mm of travel both front and rear.
  • The geometry of the FX-Type matches that of the Pro model, so you can enjoy the same exhilarating rideability on both machines.
  • Reactivity, precision, and control are guaranteed by the specific proportions of the frame and the careful selection of components. The e-Vertic FX-Type boasts 29×2.6 wheels, four-piston brakes with 203mm disc, and a dropper post mounted as standard.
  • Just like the Pro model, the e-Vertic FX-Type is equipped with Bosch CX Smart System, with 85Nm torque and a 750Wh battery.

E-Vertic X-Type

E-Vertic X-Type

Same soul, different frame. The e-Vertic X-Type is an aluminium hardtail ready to experience the thrills of an excursion into nature.
Reactive, powerful and with a geometry that ensures stability and agility, it’s born to venture on the most scenic trails. Available in Celeste, Red, and Gray colorways, the X-Type version of the e-Vertic will push your horizons further and further.

E-Vertic X-Type Features

  • Stones, roots, and other natural obstacles are the ideal terrains to test the performance of the e-Vertic X-Type, which takes plenty of cues from the full-suspension models in the range.
  • Featuring a 100mm travel front fork, 29er wheels and powerful 180mm disc brakes, Bianchi’s engineers have developed a battery cover release mechanism for the e-Vertic X-Type that makes it even easier to re-charge your e-MTB ready for the next adventure.
  • By unscrewing the screw located in the lower part of the down tube, you can easily remove the cover and extract the battery and connect it directly to a power supply. This lets you quickly recharge the amount of energy necessary to finish your ride.
  • E-Vertic X-Type is equipped with the Bosch Performance Line CX system and a 625 Wh battery for a range of up to 142 km.
  • In addition, the battery can be recharged by 50% in about two hours, enough time to stop and take a break at the refuge and leave with the extra juice required to complete your excursion.
  • The maximum torque should be 85Nm, which is extremely powerful for tackling obstacles in your path.

E-Vertic T-Type

E-Vertic T-Type

The e-Vertic T-Type takes inspiration from the full-featured e-MTBs in the range but combines that in a package suited for daily use.

The T-Type boasts enough luggage capacity for many an adventure, and integrated lights so your rides aren’t dictated by the sun. Engineered for all journeys, from the city to the countryside, enjoy the ride with the e-Vertic T-Type touring bike.

E-Vertic C-Type

E-Vertic C-Type

The perfect city bike, the e-Vertic C-Type embodies complete urban, upright riding pleasure, with a bit of added boost. A step-through frame allows riders to be free in their clothing choices, while features like mudguards and lights make it ideal for all-year-round conditions. Ideal for the fast-moving people living the fast-moving start-up life.

Put your backpack away and travel light with the luggage rack, and tackle any cityscape with a front suspension fork designed to smooth out any road. It is offered in grey.

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