Adidas FW23 London Tennis Collection

As the tennis world shifts its focus to the grass courts, adidas proudly presents its highly anticipated FW23 London Tennis collection. This exceptional line of tennis apparel seamlessly merges traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. Designed to withstand the challenges of modern tennis, the collection draws inspiration from the rich heritage of London tailors, incorporating their favored techniques and fabrics. Let’s dive into the details of this remarkable collection that aims to inspire both on and off the court.

Honoring Tradition

adidas understands the significance of paying homage to the surface and the city where tennis is celebrated. In the creation of the FW23 London Tennis collection, the brand looked to London tailors for inspiration. By studying their time-honored techniques, adidas has expertly combined tradition with their own innovative technology. This collaboration aims to provide athletes with the ultimate tennis experience while embracing the timeless heritage of the sport.

Innovative Technology

The FW23 collection showcases the latest adidas technology, ensuring players are equipped with top-of-the-line products. Each piece is meticulously designed to meet the demands of modern tennis. The collection incorporates increased pattern efficiency technology, a tailoring technique that minimizes fabric waste, demonstrating adidas’ commitment to sustainability. With 14 thoughtfully crafted pieces, including performance t-shirts, dresses, jackets, and shorts, athletes can expect exceptional quality and functionality.

Key Pieces

The FW23 London Tennis collection offers a range of standout items designed to enhance performance and style on the court:

Women’s Dress Pro and Seamless Y-Tank Pro: These pieces feature heraldry and grid patterns inspired by tennis, including nets, racquets, and court line shapes. They embody both elegance and functionality.

Men’s Printed AEROREADY FreeLift T-Shirt: Showcasing ‘Technical Heraldry’ artwork, this tee pays tribute to gate designs found in sporting venues worldwide, as well as the craftsmanship of various cultures.

Men’s Tennis Seamless AEROREADY T-Shirt Pro: Crafted for maximum comfort and breathability, this shirt incorporates open holes and ventilated structures, ensuring athletes stay dry and comfortable while performing at their best.

Men’s Tennis Seersucker AEROREADY 2in1 Short: Made with seersucker, a beloved summer fabric of British tailors, these shorts provide a cool and comfortable fit. The unique puckered surface adds a touch of style.

Women’s Pleat Skirt Pro: Designed with single pleating, this skirt combines functionality with a folding technique that adds comfort and flair.

Women’s Pleated AEROREADY Skirt Pro and Men’s AEROREADY Short: These pieces incorporate increased pattern efficiency, reducing material waste during production while maintaining performance and style.

AEROREADY Technology

Every item in the FW23 London Tennis collection features adidas’ AEROREADY technology. This innovative fabric ensures moisture-wicking and absorption, keeping players dry and comfortable on the court.

Premiered by Elite Athletes

adidas is proud to have their collection showcased by exceptional athletes, including Stefanos Tsitsipas, Felix Auger Aliassime, Xinyu Wang, Sascha Zverev, Dana Mathewson, Jessica Pegula, Maria Sakkari, and Martin de la Puente. These athletes embody the spirit of the collection as they strive to create their own legacies on the grass courts.

The FW23 London Tennis collection is available in a classic white color palette with lucid lime and lucid lemon accents. The collection offers a size range of XS-2XL for men and 2XS-2XL for women.

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