Alpinestars Supertech R10 Helmet Limited Edition

In the world of professional MotoGP racing, speed and safety go hand in hand. Alpinestars, the renowned manufacturer of high-performance racing gear, has unveiled their latest masterpiece, the Alpinestars Supertech R10 Helmet Limited Edition. This exceptional helmet has been meticulously designed and developed for elite MotoGP athletes who strive for unparalleled speed while ensuring maximum protection on the track.

Optimized Aerodynamics and Comfort

When it comes to racing, every second counts. The Supertech R10 excels in minimizing drag and providing optimal aerodynamic stability, allowing riders to effortlessly glide through the air. The exterior shell is designed to enhance air management both inside and outside the helmet, resulting in improved overall performance during racing and sport riding. Moreover, the helmet offers a comfortable and customizable fit, ensuring that riders can focus on the race without any distractions.

Unparalleled Protection

The safety of professional riders is of paramount importance, and the Supertech R10 leaves no stone unturned in this regard. The helmet’s chin bar is ingeniously crafted to offer maximum protection to the collarbone area. In the event of impact, a specially designed recess helps maintain a softer volume, minimizing potential harm to the rider’s body. The chin bar, known for its lightweight and robust profile, provides additional safeguarding for the chin tip area, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Advanced Construction for Superior Performance

The Supertech R10 boasts a multi-layer composite construction that combines various materials with advanced epoxy resin. This fusion maximizes the helmet’s strength, mechanical performance, and weight ratio. The external and internal design, along with optimized material densities, offers exceptional protection against both linear and oblique acceleration impacts. The shell’s lower profile is thoughtfully engineered to safeguard the rider’s collarbone during high-impact scenarios, prioritizing safety without compromising performance.

Aerodynamic Efficiency and Stability

To achieve unparalleled aerodynamic efficiency and stability, the overall shape of the helmet has been meticulously developed. The addition of a race spoiler and winglets further reduces drag by an impressive 4.54%. The S-R10 spoiler has been meticulously designed to complement the helmet’s aerodynamic shape, ultimately enhancing its overall performance. With the Supertech R10, riders can expect a seamless fusion of speed and stability, giving them a competitive edge on the racetrack.

Innovative Shield Mechanism

The shield mechanism of the Supertech R10 is equipped with metal lock levers, preventing unwanted shield detachment during impacts. The mechanism features a front metal hook that securely locks the shield in the closed position. Engineered with precision, the cinematic movement ensures a perfect seal between the visor and the helmet’s rubber window trim, while maintaining a safe distance during the opening phase. Additionally, the toolless quick-release system allows for effortless visor changes, ensuring convenience and ease of use.

Superior Ventilation System

The Supertech R10 Helmet incorporates a sophisticated ventilation system to provide riders with optimal comfort during intense races. The chin vent, located at the front of the helmet on both sides of the shield lock mechanism, allows air to enter and creates a laminated flow that effectively prevents fogging and misting. Furthermore, strategically placed chin bar vents extract humid air from inside the helmet, while the large central slider channels fresh air to the top of the head, offering enhanced cooling and comfort. Underneath the rear spoiler, two extractor vents efficiently remove hot air, maintaining an ideal temperature within the helmet.

Personalized Fit for Ultimate Performance

Understanding the importance of a customized fit, Alpinestars has incorporated the patented A-Head fitting height and angle adjustment system into the Supertech R10. Originally developed for the S-M10 Motocross helmet, this innovative system allows riders to fine-tune the helmet’s height and angle according to their preferences. By ensuring a perfect fit, the helmet optimizes performance and guarantees maximum comfort throughout the race.

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