Swatch Big Bold Irony

In a groundbreaking move, Swatch, the iconic watchmaker, has launched a fresh and daring addition to its BIG BOLD collection. Aptly named BIG BOLD IRONY, this timepiece is set to redefine the world of wristwatches.

A Revolution in Stainless Steel and BIOCERAMIC

The BIG BOLD IRONY collection marks a milestone with two firsts: the introduction of the first stainless steel BIG BOLD and the innovative fusion of BIOCERAMIC with stainless steel. Swatch enthusiasts are in for a treat as they witness the amalgamation of materials that promise an exceptional look and feel.

Urban Streetwear Meets Irreverence

BIG BOLD, originally introduced in 2019, has always been synonymous with urban streetwear. It has consistently made a bold statement with its oversized 47 mm watch case. BIG BOLD IRONY, however, takes things up a notch. These watches exude a sense of irreverence and confidence that challenges the norms of watch design.

Provocative and Playful Design

Swatch, known for its provocative and playful approach, has once again pushed the boundaries of traditional watch design. While stainless steel watches typically lean towards understated designs, BIG BOLD IRONY goes in the opposite direction. These timepieces are unapologetically bold, confident, and conversation starters for the wrist.

A Vibrant Palette of Colors and Materials

The BIG BOLD IRONY collection debuted with five watches for the spring/summer season. Each watch presents a post-modern fusion of contrasting colors and materials. The novel combination of a BIOCERAMIC core with a stainless steel case gives the watches a remarkable, angular, multi-level, and high-tech appearance. The urban details, including the BIOCERAMIC plate, skeleton dial, and bi-compressed structured strap, are available in five vibrant color options: Dark Irony (black), Azure Blue Daze (azure), Red Juicy (red), Mint Trim (turquoise), and Bolden Yellow (yellow). Despite their robust appearance, the sand-blasted stainless steel case and crown weigh just 108 grams. To add an extra touch of flair, the hands and index markers glow in the dark, and, in keeping with BIG BOLD tradition, the crown is positioned at 2 o’clock.

Sun-Brushed Dials and Metallic Tones

The latest additions to the BIG BOLD IRONY collection feature high-profile sun-brushed dials in five eye-catching shades that are impossible to ignore: Aqua Shimmer (turquoise), Forest Face (dark green), Indigo Hour (navy blue), Amber Sheen (amber), and Scarlet Shimmer (burgundy). A unique sand-blasted finishing on the case, crown, and bracelet, developed exclusively for Swatch, provides a rich, attention-grabbing matte appearance.

Stay tuned for the ultimate wristwear experience as Swatch redefines timekeeping with the BIG BOLD IRONY collection, embracing irreverence, confidence, and boldness like never before. This release is a testament to Swatch’s commitment to keeping things fresh and relevant while challenging the norms of watch design.

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