Swatch BIOCERAMIC WHAT IF? Collection

In the early 1980s, a momentous decision faced the founders of Swatch – to make their iconic watch round or square. History remembers the round Swatch as the chosen path, leading to four decades of vibrancy and success. But what if a different choice had been made? Enter the Swatch BIOCERAMIC WHAT IF? Collection – an exciting alternate reality, challenging the status quo and celebrating the rebellious spirit of the square watch prototype from 1982. This collection dares to dive headfirst into uncharted waters, breaking free from norms, and embracing a life full of fun and zero regrets.

The Power of BIOCERAMIC Innovation

At the core of this collection lies Swatch’s innovative BIOCERAMIC material, a remarkable fusion of ceramic powder and biosourced elements. The result? Unparalleled strength and durability that conquer the unique challenges of the square design. With this breakthrough material, Swatch sets forth to rewrite history, giving the square watch its well-deserved spotlight.

Revisiting the 1980s Aesthetics

The BIOCERAMIC WHAT IF? Collection proudly showcases four distinctive styles with strong, square edges and a 33 mm x 33 mm case. Drawing inspiration from the first-ever Swatch models, the muted matte gray, green, beige, and black tones pay homage to the aesthetics of four decades ago while staying incredibly contemporary. It’s a blend of nostalgia and modernity in a single, bold package.

Innovative Features

In keeping with Swatch’s innovative spirit, the BIOCERAMIC case, crown, and buckle elevate the watch’s design. What’s more, the edge-to-edge glass, a first for Swatch, provides a striking side view of the dial, adding an element of surprise and sophistication. The glow-in-the-dark hands ensure the time is always visible, while a day-date calendar window at 3 o’clock enhances practicality.

Unprecedented Design Mastery

A true testament to Swatch’s creative mastery lies in the integrated biosourced strap, another first for the brand. BIOCERAMIC makes the seemingly impossible possible, enhancing the watch’s aesthetics in ways unimaginable in the past. This bold approach breathes new life into the square design, setting a new standard for timepieces.

A Tribute to History

The playful twist in this collection is the battery cover, featuring a dial from one of the four first 1983 Swatch watches. This touching tribute commemorates the 40th anniversary of the GENT watch, honoring the roots of Swatch while celebrating its forward-looking vision.

A Global Debut – Swiss National Day, August 1, 2023

Mark your calendars for the global debut of the Swatch BIOCERAMIC WHAT IF? Collection on Swiss National Day – August 1, 2023. This symbolic date pays homage to Swatch’s proudly Swiss-made heritage and its continued commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing creativity.

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