Sony Unveils Two New Walkman (NW-ZX707 – NW-A306)

Sony announced two new music players: the NW-ZX707 and the NW-A306, both to be part of its Walkman series. The devices are designed for listeners to enjoy music with high-quality sound and a sleek design.

Sony Walkman NW-ZX707

The NW-ZX707 offers the astonishing sound quality, with enhanced battery life, a balanced connection, a larger 5″ display, and Wi-Fi compatibility for easy downloading and streaming functions.

The NW-ZX707 has a newly developed FTCAP3 (High polymer capacitor) and a large solid high polymer capacitor which offers large capacitance and low resistance. The OFC milled block covering the digital block allows it to bring listeners sound that appears to rise up from silence. Additionally, a large 8mm coil for balanced output creates an improved sound resolution across all frequencies. All four kinds of components stated here are also used in the latest Signature Walkman® model.

The NW-ZX707 integrates a DSD Remastering Engine that allows PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) audio to be resampled into 11.2 MHz DSD (Direct Stream Digital), giving listeners even more ways to enjoy music.

Sony Walkman NW-A306

The NW-A306 is a stylish and compact MP3 player designed for discerning music lovers who desire high-quality sound and a convenient way to listen to their favorite songs. With full Wi-Fi® compatibility and weighing just 7 ounces—and with the comfort and function of both a 3.6” touch screen and tactile physical music controls—this model delivers exceptional musical experiences right from users’ pockets.

The premium aluminum milled frame on the NW-A306 offers superior rigidity for low impedance and clear, stable sound.

Common Features

  • The NW-ZX707 and the NW-A306 both include a feature called Edge-AI, which is an evolving algorithm that upscales compressed digital music files in real-time. Previous versions of this algorithm have improved the quality of CD-quality (16-bit 44.1/48kHz) lossless codec audio. This version improves on those previous upgrades by restoring acoustic subtleties and dynamic range, providing a richer, more complete listening experience.
  • S-Master HX digital amplifier technology, which has been incorporated into our Walkman® line of products, is compatible with the native DSD format. It reduces distortion and noise across a wide range of frequencies, for rich and full-bodied sound, further enhanced by new high-quality lead-free solder.
  • Similar to the Signature Walkman® model, both models apply a reflow solder containing gold. The resulting effect is significant in improved sound localization and wider sound space.
  • DSEE Ultimate allows users to upscale their music, whether it is Wi-Fi® streamed or downloaded. Now listeners can also enjoy DSEE Ultimate with wireless headphones.
  • For the Walkman® to realize its evolutionary sound, Sony engineers precisely placed dual clocks, film capacitors, and fine sound registers within each unit.
  • The NW-ZX707 and the NW-A306 both offer longer battery lives than previous models, allowing listeners to enjoy more music. The NW-ZX707 has a battery life of up to 25 hours of 44.1kHz FLAC playback, up to 23 hours of 96 kHz FLAC High-Resolution Audio playback, or up to 22 hours even when streaming. The NW-A306 has a battery life of up to 36 hours of 44.1kHz FLAC playback, up to 32 hours of 96 kHz FLAC High-Resolution Audio playback, or up to 26 hours even when streaming with the streaming service apps.

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