Asics GEL-NIMBUS 25 Running Shoes

Asics’ GEL-NIMBUS 25 running shoes feature the company’s new PureGEL™ technology, which is softer than previous gel, delivering softer landings. The new gel material, which cannot be seen from the outside, is embedded in strategic locations in the midsole to increase shock absorption and provide smoother transitions.

Designed for improved underfoot comfort, the shoe features a new lightweight and energetic FF BLAST™ PLUS ECO cushioning, which has 20% more foam than previous iterations.

The new knit tongue and collar construction make the shoe easier to step into and adapts to the foot better, helping each stride feel smoother and more comfortable.

ASICS Global commissioned Dr. Chris Bishop, Ph.D., of the Biomechanics Lab in South Australia to design and deliver an independent study comparing the GEL-NIMBUS™ 25 to three leading competitor shoes as well as its predecessor, the GEL-NIMBUS™ 24.

For this study, 100 runners (52 men, 48 women) were recruited over an eight-week period to run in five pairs of shoes. The shoes were made to be completely unrecognizable so no brand or design biases came into effect. Participants ran on an instrumented treadmill at a pace of 10km/hour for three minutes and were asked to rate the comfort of each shoe based on various comfort-related criteria including heel cushioning, forefoot cushioning, shoe stability, and forefoot flexibility.

Independent statistical analysis of the results using three different measurement models revealed that the GEL-NIMBUS™ 25 was rated as the number one in comfort.

Asics GEL-NIMBUS 25 Running Shoes will be available from February 1, 2023.

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