Samsung The Freestyle Portable LED Smart Projector

Samsung The Freestyle Portable LED Smart Projector

Projectors are still pretty niche devices, but they’re incredibly useful in some instances. While most consumers would opt for televisions for consuming content, portable projectors are great for those seeking a no-fuss entertainment solution for specific use cases.

Samsung’s marketing for The Freestyle makes it abundantly clear this is not a device designed for any permanent installation. The product video is full of teenagers running around, projecting images on buildings and each other, or a ceiling, or the floor. Anything goes with The Freestyle, which can use any of four different power sources. While it does not have a built-in battery, an add-on rechargeable battery attaches to the bottom of the unit.

As unveiled at CES 2022, the Freestyle is billed as a flexible, all-encompassing entertainment buddy that packs a possible 100-inch display in an 830-gram device. Baked-in Samsung smart TV features allow for a host of streaming content options and mirroring from Android and iOS devices.

The projector (Samsung The Freestyle Portable LED Smart Projector) can rotate through 180 degrees, allowing it to display content on the ceiling if the user desires. Auto keystone and leveling features add to its usability, while dual speakers with 360-degree sound reproduction complete the home theater feature list. Beyond visual content, the Freestyle doubles as a smart speaker with far-field voice control and mood light.

Moreover, it is USB-C powered, and it’ll run for several hours off a suitably powerful power bank (50W PD power). Of course, you can plug it into a wall outlet; the USB-C AC adapter it ships with is small and easily fits in a pocket.


Samsung The Freestyle Portable LED Smart Projector Pros

  • Innovative modular, swiveling design
  • Fast focusing with auto leveling and keystone
  • Good color by default with extensive calibration controls
  • Samsung smart TV features
  • Wide selection of apps with HDR support including Netflix
  • Excellent sharpness and uniformity
  • Also a smart speaker and a lamp
  • Ambient mode that lets you load your own images
  • Nearly silent


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