Rega Launches 50th Anniversary Edition of Iconic Planar 3 Turntable

Rega, renowned for its exceptional turntables, is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its legendary Planar 3 model with a special edition release. Designed to deliver unrivaled performance, the 50th Anniversary Edition of the Planar 3 comes in the highly sought-after walnut effect finish and includes several notable enhancements.

The standout feature of this commemorative edition is the inclusion of the hand-tuned Neo PSU MK2 and the Rega Exact moving magnet cartridge, expertly installed at the factory. The drive system boasts Rega’s reference drive belt and a custom CNC’d aluminum drive pulley, ensuring optimal performance and precision. The package is completed with an aluminum lid plinth badge and a smoked dustcover, giving it a distinctive and elegant touch.

Rega’s dedication to innovation is evident in the RB330 tonearm, which incorporates cutting-edge 3D CAD and CAM technology. With over 35 years of tonearm design experience, Rega has developed a brand-new bearing housing and an intelligently mass-distributed tonearm tube, minimizing resonance and maximizing stability. The result is a tonearm that offers friction-free movement and exceptional tracking accuracy, allowing for the retrieval of intricate details from vinyl records.

The Planar 3’s walnut effect, laminated plinth features an ergonomically positioned power switch and represents Rega’s expertise in lightweight yet rigid construction. By utilizing a lightweight particulate core and a rigid phenolic resin skin, Rega has achieved exceptional performance in the Planar range.

The turntable is powered by a 24V low-noise, low-voltage precision motor and PCB assembly, featuring a custom CNC machined aluminum pulley. The centerpiece of the turntable, Rega’s patented brass main hub central bearing, has been further improved to reduce stress and enhance construction quality.

Rega’s double brace system, consisting of a 3mm phenolic bottom brace and a metalized skin phenolic top brace, enhances the rigidity of the laminated plinth. Positioned strategically between the tonearm mounting and the main hub bearing, this structure forms a solid “stressed beam” assembly. By preventing energy absorption and eliminating unwanted resonance, the design ensures accurate playback without distortions. Additionally, the use of braces allows for double thickness phenolic resin in crucial areas while reducing the overall weight, effectively addressing mass absorption and minimizing energy transmission issues.

The Neo MK2 PSU, an advanced turntable power supply included in the package, offers precise speed adjustment, an anti-vibration motor circuit, and the convenience of electronic speed change. This PSU significantly reduces motor noise, improves speed stability, and enhances rotational speed accuracy.

Rega’s 50th Anniversary Edition of the Planar 3 sets a new standard in turntable performance, combining meticulous craftsmanship, innovative design, and high-quality components. With its exquisite walnut finish and a range of enhancements, this special edition pays homage to the legacy of the Planar 3 while providing audiophiles with an exceptional vinyl listening experience.

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