Kandao Meeting Ultra and Meeting Ultra Standard

Kandao Technology, a renowned provider of intelligent hybrid collaboration solutions, is announced the launch of Kandao Meeting Ultra and Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard. These groundbreaking 4K all-in-one AI 360 conference cameras are set to redefine the standards of 360 hybrid conferencing. With their innovative features and capabilities, Kandao Meeting Ultra and Ultra Standard offer a comprehensive solution for enhanced collaboration.

Designed as a complete, portable conferencing solution, Kandao Meeting Ultra features two fisheye cameras that capture and stitch together 4K 360-degree views. It is equipped with two 15.6-inch IPS touchscreen displays that serve as a control panel, a 10-watt Hi-Fi speaker, and eight omnidirectional microphones. The conference system also offers several exterior connections, including HDMI IN, two HDMI OUT, an ethernet port, a USB-C connection, and multiple USB A ports. Powered by an 8-core CPU, 4-core GPU, and a 6-Tops NPU, it ensures stable transmission, precise human face and voice detection, and low-latency tracking through advanced AI auto-framing and tracking algorithms.

Alongside Kandao Meeting Ultra, the company has introduced Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard, a screenless version that provides a more cost-effective option for users.

One of the key advantages of the 360-degree AI conference camera is its ability to capture the entire meeting room, ensuring all local attendees are equally represented during hybrid meetings. Unlike traditional webcams, participants no longer need to squeeze together in front of a single camera. With Kandao Meeting Ultra’s state-of-the-art audio and video AI algorithm, speaking participants can freely move around the room while being automatically framed and focused, resulting in a more natural and engaging collaboration experience.

Meeting Ultra and Ultra Standard stand out with their unique features. To address the common issue of participants awkwardly turning their heads towards a TV or webcam located at the front of the room, Kandao Meeting Ultra places two FHD screens directly beneath the camera. This setup fosters a face-to-face collaboration experience by displaying the meeting content in front of each participant while showcasing their front faces to remote attendees. By extending the familiar single webcam and laptop experience to multiple participants in huddle rooms or conference rooms, Kandao enables seamless interaction and collaboration.

Image quality receives significant upgrades in Kandao Meeting Ultra and Ultra Standard. These devices deliver 4K 30FPS HDR video output, leveraging High Dynamic Range to avoid overexposure caused by bright windows while simultaneously brightening up darker areas. The cameras also incorporate a built-in noise reduction algorithm, enhancing the clarity and vividness of displayed faces. Users can manually adjust exposure values in the settings to optimize lighting conditions, ensuring an ideal environment for productive meetings.

In terms of audio, Kandao Meeting Ultra and Ultra Standard boast a premium full-duplex audio system and employ an ambient noise cancellation AI algorithm. This advanced technology effectively eliminates background noise such as keyboard typing, car honking, door opening and closing, and pen clicking, enabling a focused meeting environment where every idea can be heard and conveyed clearly.

To provide flexible and customized conference views, the devices offer three discussion modes: multi-attendee framing, main-speaker focusing, and all-attendee displaying. The cameras automatically reframe views to capture up to eight local attendees. Additionally, users can manually control viewing angles and zoom functionality, allowing for accurate tracking of active speakers.

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