Nikon Unveils Compact and Powerful Z 8 Mirrorless Camera

Nikon has recently announced the launch of its highly anticipated full-frame/FX-format Nikon Z 8 mirrorless camera. Designed to condense the cutting-edge features and performance of the flagship Nikon Z 9 into a more compact and lightweight body, the Z 8 delivers exceptional functionality and reliability. This camera is set to revolutionize visual expression across a wide range of genres, including landscapes, wildlife, portraits, airplanes, and weddings. With its agility, superior operability, and impressive image depiction, the Z 8 empowers photographers and videographers to push their creative boundaries.

Building upon the remarkable capabilities of the Z 9, the Nikon Z 8 boasts a downsized body that is approximately 30% smaller than its flagship counterpart. Despite its reduced size, the camera retains a comfortable grip and ensures easy handling, facilitating stable and agile shooting in various scenarios, even when paired with super-telephoto lenses. Moreover, its 4-axis tilting monitor enhances operability when capturing images from high and low angles, both horizontally and vertically.

Videographers will appreciate the Z 8’s remarkable video recording capabilities. The camera can record 12-bit RAW and 10-bit Apple ProRes 422 HQ videos in-camera, eliminating the need for an external recorder and streamlining the recording process. For solo videographers seeking enhanced control, the optional MC-N10 Remote Grip provides additional flexibility in operating the camera. Furthermore, the Z 8 offers extended recording times of approximately 125 minutes in 4K UHD/60p and approximately 90 minutes in 8K UHD/30p, making it an excellent choice for documentary filmmakers and wedding photographers who require longer shooting durations.

The Z 8 inherits the Z 9’s advanced subject detection system, which includes nine types of subjects for both stills and videos. Additionally, a new dedicated airplane detection mode enhances the camera’s detection and tracking capabilities for shooting airplanes, whether they are near or far, in low-light conditions, or against busy backgrounds. With a high-speed and high-precision autofocus system equivalent to that of the Z 9, the Z 8 excels in focusing on subjects in dark environments and effectively handles backlit situations.

For still photographers, the Z 8 introduces the Pre-Release Capture feature, allowing images to be captured up to one second before fully pressing the shutter-release button. This feature enables photographers to capture decisive moments, such as the instant a bird takes flight, even if they only fully press the button after the action has occurred.

The Z 8 supports the HEIF format, providing high-quality still images with reduced file data. This format allows photographers to capture scenes with rich tones, such as sunrises, sunsets, and nighttime parades, with impressive 10-bit tonal gradation. The camera’s 3000cd/m2 compatible EVF and 900cd/m2 high-luminance image monitor enable users to preview and appreciate the HDR (HLG) images captured in the HEIF format.

In terms of video recording, the Z 8 offers various formats, including high-definition 4K UHD/60p, 50p, and 30p oversampled from 8K, ensuring exceptional video quality suitable for large-screen viewing. Portrait photographers will benefit from the portrait impression balance function and the newly added skin-softening function, which help achieve desired results. Additionally, the camera allows the use of ISO 64 and 1/32000 sec. shutter speed to maximize the potential of fast NIKKOR Z lenses.

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