Redragon Trundle K668 Keyboard

With a full-size layout boasting a remarkable 108 keys, Redragon TRUNDLE K668 promises to elevate your gaming realm to new heights.

Anti-Ghosting for Seamless Performance

Gaming enthusiasts can rejoice in the TRUNDLE K668’s anti-ghosting feature, allowing simultaneous key presses without any hitches. This means you can execute complex commands with ease and precision. But that’s not all – Redragon has gone a step further by including four additional shortcut keys, enhancing convenience in both virtual and real-world applications.

Customizable Hot-Swappable Red Switches

Imagine customizing your typing experience down to each keystroke. Redragon’s Hot-Swappable Red Switches make this dream a reality. These quiet, basic linear mechanical switches provide soft key travel, ensuring effortless and discreet keystrokes. Equipped with 3.5mm sound-absorbing foam, the TRUNDLE K668 delivers a clear and crisp typing sound, eliminating annoying noise. Moreover, it offers the freedom to swap almost all types of switches on the market, whether 3-pin or 5-pin, giving you ultimate control over your keyboard.

Immersive RGB Lighting

With up to 19 presets of backlighting modes, you can set the mood to match your vibe. Adjust the brightness and flow speed directly on the keyboard. Redragon has also introduced a new music sync mode, transforming your desktop into a personal discotheque. Experience a stunning light show that not only immerses you but also enhances your gaming and working environment.

Ergonomic Design for Unmatched Comfort

The two-stage adjustable feet make typing more comfortable and help relieve wrist strain. The inclusion of three colors Mixed Keycaps ensures that every gaming session feels fresh and exciting.

Pro Software Support

For those seeking the utmost control, the TRUNDLE K668 comes with Pro Software Support. You can design your own lighting modes and effects through the Redragon software. Additionally, optimize macros with different keybindings or shortcuts for unmatched work and gaming efficiency.

Enhanced Productivity

The TRUNDLE K668 is not just for gaming; it’s designed to boost productivity. It comes with default keys for Mute, Calculator, Screenlock, and Desktop. Plus, you can redefine these shortcuts via software.

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