Redragon Elf Pro K649 Wireless Transparent Keyboard

The Redragon Elf Pro K649 boasts gasket technology that elevates your typing to a whole new level. The precision-locked covers and gasket design significantly reduce noise and provide a flexible typing feel, giving you a crisp, clean, and satisfying keystroke.

Stay Connected with Tri-Mode Connection Technology

The Redragon Elf Pro K649 features tri-mode connection technology, offering USB-C wired, BT 3.0/5.0, and 2.4 GHz wireless options. Seamlessly switch between modes for uninterrupted gaming sessions and an enhanced user experience. Enjoy the freedom of movement without sacrificing performance.

RGB Backlighting and Transparent Design

The Redragon Elf Pro K649 boasts a trendsetting full-transparent design with transparent keycaps, switches, and board, allowing glorious light to shine through. RGB backlighting creates a mesmerizing light show, immersing you in a dazzling gaming experience. Customize the lighting effects to match your style and create a truly captivating setup that’s sure to turn heads.

Double Noise Dampening Technology

Experience quiet and focused gaming sessions with the Redragon Elf Pro K649’s double noise-dampening technology. Equipped with two 3.5mm sound-absorbing foams placed between the PCB and a silicone gasket, it significantly reduces sound resonance and cavity noise. Enjoy a clear and pure switch-traveling sound, making every keystroke precise and satisfying.

Optimal Efficiency with Innovative Layout

The Redragon Elf Pro K649 features an innovative 82 keys layout designed for optimal efficiency. It maintains the original length of the 65% layout, removing the Numpad to provide ample space for seamless mouse movement. Additionally, it introduces a TOP function keys zone, essential for many users. Say goodbye to cumbersome FN combo keys and embrace convenience and practicality to maximize productivity and gaming performance.

Advanced Hot-Swap Feature for Ultimate Customization

Take customization to new heights with the Redragon Elf Pro K649’s advanced hot-swap feature. Compatible with nearly all switches (3/5 pins), this free-mod hot-swappable socket is a game-changer. Switch mounting has never been easier or more stable, allowing you to customize your keyboard effortlessly. Find your perfect combination of switches, achieving the ideal typing and gaming experience tailored to your preferences.

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