Nike Luka 2 Signature Shoe

Luka Doncic, the extraordinary basketball player known for his unique playing style, is set to take the court with the second installment of his signature shoe, the Nike Luka 2. This highly anticipated release is the result of a close collaboration between Luka Doncic and the innovative design team at Jordan Brand. With a focus on enhancing Luka’s multidirectional play and maximizing his ability to create separation, the Luka 2 embodies the essence of his game and caters to the needs of future basketball stars.

Unleashing Luka’s Unparalleled Playing Style

Luka Doncic possesses remarkable control, lightning-quick moves to outmaneuver defenders, and an exceptional court vision that enables him to anticipate plays before they happen. The design team at Jordan Brand delved deep into studying Luka’s playing style to craft the Luka 2, ensuring that it complements his skills while pushing the boundaries of performance basketball footwear.

Creating Space and Separation

One of Luka Doncic’s signature moves, the step-back, has been at the forefront of the Luka 2’s design process. The shoe incorporates cutting-edge technology to maximize Luka’s ability to hunt down space and create separation from defenders. By integrating the full-length Formula 23 and the IsoPlate, two exclusive innovations by Jordan Brand, the Luka 2 assists in optimizing Luka’s multidirectional movements and enhancing his overall performance on the court.

Revolutionary Midsole Design

The midsole of the Luka 2 consists of four distinct components, each contributing to an unparalleled level of comfort and functionality. At the core lies the Formula 23 foam, providing responsive cushioning directly beneath the foot. Surrounding this foam is a firm foam carrier that adds stability and support. Additionally, a soft foam wedge on the medial side of the shoe allows the foot to sink in slightly, promoting a proper angle for efficient push-off. To maintain balance during quick lateral movements, the latest iteration of the IsoPlate raises the lateral sidewall against the carrier foam, offering unparalleled stability and control.

Release Details

Basketball enthusiasts and fans of Luka Doncic alike can eagerly anticipate the release of the Nike Luka 2 in the exclusive Luk.AI colorway. The shoe will be available to select Nike Members globally on July 5, with a wider release on and at select retailers starting from July 11.

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