Kelvin Hoefler x Powell Peralta x G-SHOCK DW-5600KH

Skateboarding enthusiasts, get ready to roll into excitement as G-SHOCK proudly unveils its thrilling collaboration with TEAM G-SHOCK skater Kelvin Hoefler and the iconic US skateboard brand Powell Peralta. This special triple collaboration brings together the best in the skate scene, an outstanding athlete, and the trusted name of Casio for an extraordinary skateboarding experience.

Kelvin Hoefler, the Brazilian skateboarding sensation, has carved his name into the skateboarding world with a professional career that began in 2011. Leaving the streets of Brazil for Europe, he conquered the skateboarding circuit by winning three consecutive World Cup Skateboarding events. Not stopping there, he continued to dominate the rankings, securing the street winner title for four years in a row. Kelvin’s passion for skateboarding knows no bounds, as he also brought Damn Am to Brazil in 2016, providing aspiring skateboarders with a chance to qualify for the prestigious SLS World Tour.

Over the years, Kelvin has notched up an impressive list of accomplishments. From winning the Kimberley Diamond Cup in South Africa to becoming the first rookie of Street League Skateboarding to win a Super Crown at Tampa Pro in Florida, his achievements are nothing short of remarkable. With six X Games medals in his collection, including two gold, two silver, and two bronze, Kelvin’s talent and dedication have taken him to the pinnacle of skateboarding success.

In 2023, Kelvin Hoefler achieved a historic victory by sweeping the Street League Skateboarding Chicago Championship. However, his love for his hometown in Brazil remains strong, as he went on to build a skatepark there and conducted skateboarding classes for underprivileged kids, giving back to the community that shaped him into the skating icon he is today.

Powell Peralta, with a legacy spanning 45 years, has been at the forefront of skateboarding innovation. As the creator of cutting-edge skateboard equipment, the brand has been home to legendary skaters and iconic teams that have left a lasting impact on the sport. Located in California, Powell Peralta takes pride in providing skateboarders with top-notch, game-changing products like Dragon™, Soft Slide™, Skate Park™, Street Tech™, Bones® X-Formula™ wheels, Flight® Decks, and Bones® bearings, ensuring that every skater rides with the best equipment available.

Now, brace yourselves for the ultimate collaboration between Kelvin Hoefler, Powell Peralta, and G-SHOCK. The classic DW-5600 timepiece hits the streets with a unique twist – featuring Kelvin Hoefler’s signature graphic on the band and his autograph on the case back. Activating the LED backlight reveals the Powell Peralta logo proudly displayed on the display, a true homage to the rich heritage of skateboarding.

This simple yet distinctive design, born from the fusion of skateboarding greatness, top-notch equipment, and renowned craftsmanship, is a must-have for all skateboarding aficionados. Whether you’re an aspiring skater or a seasoned pro, the Kelvin Hoefler x Powell Peralta x G-SHOCK DW-5600KH collaboration watch is an ode to the sport we all love.

Stay tuned as this extraordinary timepiece rolls into skate stores near you, and don’t miss the chance to own a piece of skateboarding history. With Kelvin Hoefler’s remarkable journey, Powell Peralta’s unmatched innovation, and G-SHOCK’s renowned reliability, this collaboration watch is set to make waves in the skateboarding community.

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