Isotope Hydrium Pro Nordblad Limited Edition

Isotope has released a limited edition watch, the Hydrium Pro Nordblad, as a tribute to the achievements of Johanna Nordblad, a world-renowned ice diver. The watch is the first of a series of Hydrium Pro watches and exceeds the specifications outlined in the ISO 6425 certification for diver’s watches. Only 100 pieces of this limited edition watch have been made.

The case of the Hydrium Pro Nordblad is made of micro-blasted 316L stainless steel, while the crystals are made of sapphire, including the bezel. The watch is equipped with a top-finished and regulated Swiss Landeron movement. This specific version of the watch was designed in the United Kingdom and Finland in collaboration with Johanna Nordblad and expertly assembled in Switzerland.

Johanna Nordblad’s journey began in 1997 when she first tried scuba diving, but it was freediving that captured her heart after joining the first freediving club in Finland in 2000. She went on to compete in the World Championships that same year.

In 2004, Johanna broke a world record in Dynamic Apnea, which fueled her passion for freediving. However, in 2010, she suffered a severe leg injury that left her using crutches for almost a year. The nerve pain was so intense that she woke up almost every night for three years.

During this challenging period, Johanna discovered the healing powers of cold water. Despite the initial pain, she found that cold water was the only place where she could find relief from her leg pain. Johanna also discovered that the feeling of cold water was similar to the relaxation she experienced while freediving.

As a result, Johanna became fascinated with the idea of combining cold water and freediving. She began practicing in the most extreme conditions she could imagine, including under ice. In 2015, Johanna broke the Women’s World Record by diving under ice wearing only a swimming suit, swimming an impressive fifty meters from one hole in the ice to another.

In March 2021, Johanna accomplished the incredible feat of becoming the first human to swim 103 meters under the ice without fins and while wearing only a swimsuit. Her time of apnea during the dive was an impressive 2 minutes and 42 seconds. While her record has since been beaten by men, Johanna still holds the Women’s Record for this remarkable accomplishment.

To honor Johanna’s incredible achievements, Isotope has released the Hydrium Pro Nordblad Limited Edition. This exclusive watch is a testament to her incredible journey and serves as a reminder of what can be achieved through hard work and determination. The watch features a black matte dial with white bold Arabic numbers filled with Super-LumiNova, and Isotope “i” hands filled with Super-LumiNova. The case measures 40mm X 48mm (with lugs) and has a height of 12.9mm (14.9mm with double-domed Sapphire Crystal). The watch is water-resistant to 300m/30 atm/1000 ft and comes with a 22mm quick-release black FKM strap with a micro-blasted steel buckle.

Johanna Nordblad’s dedication to the sport of freediving is an inspiration to us all. Her passion for freediving is contagious and has earned her respect and admiration from fellow athletes and fans alike. Isotope is honored to pay tribute to Johanna’s remarkable accomplishments with the Hydrium Pro Nordblad Limited Edition and looks forward to witnessing her future successes in the sport of freediving.

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