ZVOX AV120 TV Speaker

ZVOX, has introduced a new TV speaker to its line of dialogue-clarifying products. The compact AV120 AccuVoice TV Speaker with Bluetooth, priced at $99.99, provides users with two levels of ZVOX’s proprietary AccuVoice dialogue clarifying technology. This lifts TV dialogue out of background sounds, making it easier to hear every word, even during heavy action sequences or at low volumes.

The AV120 utilizes ZVOX’s patented AccuVoice dialogue clarification system, which uses techniques developed by the hearing aid industry to make voices crisp and easy to understand. The technology is particularly useful for people who watch British shows or rely on closed captioning. AccuVoice also helps sports fans hear the announcers over the crowds and bad audio mixing. Additionally, ZVOX’s Output Leveling feature smooths out volume levels, ensuring viewers are not disturbed by loud commercials or explosions.

The low-profile speaker measures 15″ w x 2″ h x 2.5″ d and is designed for easy placement and use. The AV120 has one connecting wire that plugs into a TV’s audio output jack. Multiple cords are provided for digital or analog connections, and Bluetooth allows users to stream music or podcasts from their phones, tablets, or laptops. The remote control features large, easy-to-read buttons for added convenience.

The AV120 TV Speaker comes with two levels of AccuVoice boost, a Bluetooth feature, a simple remote control, output leveling, and a one-wire connection for easy installation.

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