IQUNIX x Le Petit Prince Limited Edition Keyboards

In a tale that unfolds like a romantic novel, the CEO of IQUNIX, captivated by his wife’s deep affection for Le Petit Prince, orchestrated a wedding inspired by the beloved tale. This enchanting event marked the beginning of a unique collaboration, with the entire company uniting to celebrate love and creativity. The culmination of this union resulted in the creation of five stunning mechanical keyboards, each intricately designed to capture the essence of Le Petit Prince’s timeless story.

The Wedding of Creativity and Romance

The CEO’s dedication to his wife’s love for Le Petit Prince sparked a company-wide celebration. The wedding venue, a vision of enchantment, featured a giant glass dome enclosing a single rose, surrounded by a celestial scene reminiscent of B-612, complete with asteroids and a starry night sky. This magical celebration set the stage for the collaboration between IQUNIX and Le Petit Prince.

Integrating Le Petit Prince into Keyboards

Following the fairytale wedding, the corporation officially partnered with Le Petit Prince to infuse its essence into the realm of mechanical keyboards. Months of meticulous effort culminated in the creation of five aesthetically pleasing designs, each accompanied by a captivating love story. The keyboards serve as a testament to the sweet couple who, inspired by the tale, unveiled these exquisite designs to the world.


Discovering the Keyboards

F97 Floral Date: Cultivating Meaningful Relationships

The F97 Floral Date keyboard pays homage to Le Petit Prince’s discovery of a unique and cherished rose on his planet. Designed to celebrate the significance of cultivating and cherishing meaningful relationships, each keypress on this keyboard evokes the tender touch of a rose petal. The typing experience is transformed into a journey of romance and wonder, capturing the essence of the little prince and his beloved rose.

ZX75 Sunset Ponder: A Palette of Celestial Sunsets

Inspired by the 44 sunsets in Le Petit Prince’s celestial journey, the ZX75 Sunset Ponder keyboard boasts a soft and soothing color palette. Honoring the breathtaking sunsets witnessed by the little prince, the keyboard features gentle gradients of warm colors reminiscent of the golden hour. Typing on this keyboard transports users to the tranquil ambiance of a setting sun, creating a soothing and visually captivating experience.

ZX75 Sky Encounter: Typing Under a Starlit Sky

Drawing inspiration from the night sky filled with brilliant stars, the ZX75 Sky Encounter keyboard offers an immersive and captivating typing experience. The ethereal, translucent blue hue of the keyboard case comes alive at night when the RGB lighting is activated. With stunning aesthetics and exceptional performance, this keyboard is designed to stand out in any workspace, reminiscent of a brilliant starry sky accompanying users on a magical journey with every keystroke.

Starry Tryst: A Celestial Journey of Exploration

Inspired by Le Petit Prince’s encounters with various planets and the ethereal beauty of the night sky, the Starry Tryst keyboard invites users to embark on a celestial journey of exploration and self-discovery. Each key shimmers like a distant star, adding a touch of magic to the typing experience. This keyboard captures the essence of the little prince’s cosmic adventures, making it a unique and visually captivating addition to any workspace.

IQUNIX x Le Petit Prince Limited Edition Keyboards

In the union of IQUNIX and Le Petit Prince, a collection of limited edition keyboards has emerged, each telling a unique love story through intricate design and captivating aesthetics. Whether evoking the tenderness of a rose petal, the warmth of a celestial sunset, the brilliance of a starlit sky, or the shimmer of distant stars, these keyboards invite users to experience the enchanting world of Le Petit Prince with every keystroke. The collaboration seamlessly merges creativity, romance, and technology, offering a celestial journey for keyboard enthusiasts and admirers of timeless tales alike.

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