Keychron Q1 HE QMK Wireless Custom Keyboard

In a technological leap forward, Keychron introduces the Q1 HE, a groundbreaking wireless QMK custom keyboard setting a new standard for gaming and typing experiences. At its core, the Q1 HE boasts Hall Effect magnetic switches, promising accelerated feedback, adaptable actuation points, and rapid triggering, all tailored to individual preferences.

Unveiling a 75% layout, this keyboard marks a significant milestone as the first of its kind, embracing Hall Effect magnetic switches. These switches offer unparalleled advantages, enhancing the gaming experience with their unique mechanism, delivering swifter responses and customizable actuation points.

The Q1 HE isn’t just about magnetic switches; it’s a powerhouse of connectivity. With a 2.4G mode boasting a remarkable 1000 Hz polling rate, gamers can relish in lightning-fast responsiveness. Additionally, its Bluetooth connectivity further widens its compatibility horizon, ensuring seamless multitasking across multiple devices.

Crafted with premium features like a double-gasket design, an all-metal body made of 6063 aluminum, and PBT keycaps, the Q1 HE prioritizes both durability and aesthetics. Its customizable components allow users to personalize the keyboard inside-out, granting an unparalleled typing and gaming experience.

The Hall Effect Gateron 2.0 Magnetic Switches embedded within the Q1 HE deliver an ultra-responsive typing experience, minimizing input latency. Engineered with a dual-rail structure and a special pre-lubed design, these switches ensure stability and smoothness, setting a new standard in keyboard technology.

But the real magic lies in the customizable actuation points. With a sensitivity of only 0.1 mm, users can fine-tune each key’s actuation point, facilitating quicker triggering for certain keys and deliberate activation for others. This level of customization elevates both gaming and typing experiences, providing unparalleled feedback and performance.

Moreover, the Q1 HE offers dynamic key functionalities based on travel distance rather than fixed points. This unique feature enables immediate repetition of keystrokes, facilitating swift execution of complex actions during gameplay.

Not stopping there, the keyboard allows for assigning multiple actions to a single key based on the depth of the press. This nuanced control—utilizing a two-stage setting upon key release—offers gamers a competitive edge through personalized combinations tailored to their preferences.

The Q1 HE’s wireless connectivity, coupled with its impressive polling rate, ensures peak gaming performance on the fly. With the ability to connect to up to three devices via Bluetooth 5.1, users can effortlessly transition between devices for uninterrupted productivity and gaming sessions.

Furthermore, the Keychron web app serves as a gateway to endless customization possibilities. Users can remap keys, adjust actuation points, create macros, shortcuts, and unique key combinations, all contributing to a truly tailored experience.

Backed by a powerful MCU chip and QMK open-source firmware, developers have the flexibility to explore and fine-tune the keyboard’s performance. The keyboard’s easy assembly and customizable components offer users the freedom to personalize and adjust according to their preferences.

The Q1 HE’s attention to detail extends to its construction, incorporating silicone pads and PCB-mounted screw-in stabilizers for enhanced typing sound, reduced acoustic resonance, and minimized wobbliness on larger keys.

With its Mac layout compatibility and functions akin to Apple keyboards for Mac users, the Q1 HE promises a tactile experience unlike any other.

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