Discover CYBERBOARD Glacier R2: Angry Miao’s Keyboard Innovation

Angry Miao CYBERBOARD Glacier R2, melds translucent matte PC craftsmanship with vibrant RGB illumination, resembling a pristine ice cube adorning your workspace.

Glacial Aesthetics with Translucent Brilliance

The CYBERBOARD Glacier R2 boasts a translucent matte PC body that illuminates custom lighting effects through its in-switch LEDs and LED panel. This illumination permeates the body evenly, creating an ethereal glow. Complemented by fully transparent keycaps and Icy Silver switches, this keyboard exudes a distinct, frost-kissed allure that’s both individualistic and stunningly brilliant.

Precision Craftsmanship in Every Detail

Crafted from a high-quality CNC-machined PC, this keyboard body undergoes meticulous processes, including robotic polishing, to achieve optimal RGB light transmission. Despite originating from a 6.4kg block of PC, the final keyboard body weighs a mere 0.7kg, reflecting the dedication to perfection. The integration of a large mirror PVD stainless steel weight ensures a substantial feel, adding to its allure and sophistication.

Customizable Typing Experience

Unlike its predecessor, the CYBERBOARD Glacier R2 features an upgraded adjustable leaf spring mount. This innovation allows users to tailor their typing experience by modifying leaf springs and adjusting gear positions, enabling personalized typing comfort akin to typing on soft snow or hard ice.

Icy Silver Switches and Glacier Keycaps

Included in the CYBERBOARD Glacier R2 Bundle are Icy Silver switches and exclusive Glacier keycaps. These switches, utilizing TTC’s cutting-edge technology, promise exceptional RGB transmission and durability. The Glacier keycaps, designed to eliminate wear marks, offer a translucent RGB experience with robust grey legends that endure extended use.

Versatile Connectivity and Wireless Charging

Angry Miao keyboards, including the CYBERBOARD Glacier R2, support 2.4G wireless, Bluetooth, and wired connections. Additionally, its PC material minimizes signal interference, ensuring a reliable connection. The integration of wireless charging, especially when paired with CYBERMAT, provides a clutter-free desk and alleviates battery concerns.

Angry Miao CYBERBOARD Glacier R2 Specifications

  • Layout: 75%
  • Mount: Angry Miao Three-Stage Adjustable Leaf Spring
  • Typing Angle: 10°
  • Weight: Base Kit 2.25 (±0.1) kg, Bundle 2.55 (±0.1) kg
  • CMF: PC body
  • Dimensions: 340.5mm (L) x 181mm (W), front height 18.1mm, rear height 42.94mm (excluding feet)
  • PCB: 1.2mm thickness, 4-layer with cutouts, supports hotswap and in-switch LEDs, USB Type-C port (supports C to C), Bluetooth 5.1, supports key remapping and custom in-switch LED effects

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