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Elipson has released their newest range of speakers called the Horus Series, which offers a variety of versatile models that provide precise and realistic sound reproduction for both music and home cinema enjoyment. With a price-performance ratio that is unbeatable, this complete package includes bookshelf, floor-standing, and center loudspeakers that are perfect for any audiophile.

The Horus range has been refined and redesigned to complement any interior with its elegant and modern style, available in three finishes: Carbon/ Light Wood – Beige, Dark Grey – Walnut, and Black. The front panel’s contrast with the cabinetry creates a visually appealing aesthetic that makes these loudspeakers blend seamlessly into any environment. For those looking for a cinematic experience, the carbon finish’s intense black envelope is a perfect choice.

Elipson has utilized all their expertise in creating precise and musical loudspeakers in this range of affordable speakers. The Horus loudspeakers have been acoustically designed as a 2.5-way for the floor-standing speaker and 2-way for the bookshelf and center speakers, with a composition of 130mm low-midrange drivers made of cellulose pulp with glass fiber and 25mm silk dome tweeter made of neodymium to ensure perfect sound cohesion. The careful design of the crossovers, which is a hallmark of Elipson’s Prestige Facet, Heritage, and Legacy ranges, can also be found in the new Horus range. Additionally, the front bass-reflex loading principle of the models makes it easy to place the speakers in any room.

The Horus range includes a bookshelf loudspeaker, a floor-standing loudspeaker, a center loudspeaker, and an active subwoofer, bringing Elipson’s long-standing experience and know-how to music lovers who prefer rich timbres, luminosity, and softness in the treble spectrum. The speakers also offer a controlled presence in the bass and an airy sound image, making them perfect for stereo or home cinema installations. Overall, the Horus Series is an excellent investment for those looking for high-quality speakers at an affordable price.

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Horus 11F

This 2.5-way loudspeaker features two 130mm (5″) bass-midrange drivers made of cellulose pulp with a glass fibre coating, and a 25mm (1″) neodymium silk dome tweeter, which provides perfect sonic cohesion. The front bass-reflex design of the Horus 11F makes it easy to place in any room, while the height of 85cm and width of 17.5cm allow for easy integration into most home configurations.

The Horus 11F loudspeaker’s small footprint and three available finishes (Carbon/Light Wood-Beige, Dark Grey-Walnut, and Black) make it easy to fit into any interior design. The spikes on the floor-standing loudspeaker are also removable, making it easy to position exactly where you want it.

Horus 6B

This passive loudspeaker condenses all of Elipson’s experience and know-how to produce a magnificent, airy sound image and articulate bass extension that is truly surprising for its size. Its great acoustic versatility makes it perfect for use in a stereo or multi-channel home cinema installation.

The Horus 6B is designed as a 2-way speaker and features a 130mm low-midrange speaker made of cellulose pulp with a glass fibre surface and a 25mm neodymium silk dome tweeter, which provides perfect sound cohesion. Despite its small size, the Horus 6B bookshelf loudspeaker offers a stunning audio performance that will impress even the most discerning audiophiles.

Elipson Horus Range 11 Elipson Horus Range 12 Elipson Horus Range 13

Horus 10C

Featuring a 2-way acoustic design, the Horus 10C is composed of a 130mm low-midrange speaker made of cellulose pulp with a glass fibre surface and a 25mm neodymium silk dome tweeter. This configuration is similar to the Horus 11F floor-standing loudspeaker, which ensures perfect sonic cohesion when listening to films or concerts.

Despite its compact size, the Horus 10C center loudspeaker delivers clear and powerful sound, thanks to its front bass-reflex loading principle. This ensures that the voices are reproduced with sonic density, without any “pinched” sound in the midrange.

Horus 8S

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