Viewsonic X1-4K 4K HDR Smart LED Home Projector

The Viewsonic X1-4K is a high-performance home projector that combines cutting-edge features for an immersive entertainment experience. With true 4K UHD resolution and HDR/HLG support, this projector delivers exceptional visual quality that rivals the cinema. The X1-4K is powered by advanced 3rd generation LED technology that provides a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours without the need for frequent lamp replacement.

The X1-4K is equipped with Harman Kardon dual speaker sets that produce theater-level sound, elevating the overall audiovisual experience. The projector also boasts a high brightness of 2,900 Lumens and vibrant colors covering 125% Rec.709, ensuring that images are bright and clear even in environments with ambient light.

The X1-4K offers flexible installation options, including vertical lens shift, 1.3x optical zoom, and side projection capabilities with H/V keystone and 4 corner adjustments. These features make it easy to set up the projector in any space and ensure that the image is perfectly aligned and distortion-free.

Screen mirroring via Wi-Fi allows for seamless content streaming, while Bluetooth connectivity enables additional audio options, making the X1-4K a user-friendly and intuitive device. Additionally, the X1-4K is the world’s first projector that is specifically designed for Xbox, offering the ultimate gaming experience.

The Viewsonic X1-4K delivers a true 4K HDR immersive visual experience, with advanced LED technology, flexible installation options, and high brightness for bright and clear images in any environment. The projector is a top-of-the-line choice for those seeking a superior home entertainment experience.

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