Dainese Valorosa 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Jacket

Dainese Valorosa 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Jacket is made of soft, breathable, and quick-drying Tutu cowhide with 3D Bubble fabric inserts. The innovative Quickdry Frame ™ technology contributes to its thermal comfort, helping the garment to dry quickly and creating a feeling of dryness and freshness on hotter trips.

The jacket is certified according to the EN 1621.1 standard, and it has protectors on elbows and shoulders, with the shoulder protectors also featuring replaceable aluminum plates for maximum safety. The jacket also features pockets designed for inserting back and chest protectors.

The Valorosa 50th LTD QDF model is equipped with a large S1 fabric stretch insert on the hips and inner arms, Micro-elastic 2.0 inserts on the shoulder blades, an aerodynamic hump, and a fit adjustment system on the hips. The design of this multipurpose model makes it extremely comfortable, ergonomic, and functional.

Dainese Valorosa 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Jacket Features

Metal Inserts
The use of metal inserts made from titanium, steel, aluminum or special alloys reduces the risk of dangerous twists and/or tumbling during a fall, increases abrasion resistance in the joint areas of the body, and distributes impact force over a wider surface area.

Tutu Leather
Tutu leather is a cowhide engineered to meet high-performance levels in terms of abrasion, tear, cut, and traction resistance. It is made of premium quality raw materials that ensure extreme comfort while offering the best performance even when exposed to extreme conditions due to its water- and oil-repellent properties.

Micro Elastic
Dainese’s patented technology, consisting of one large panel of leather with elasticated bellows stretching perpendicularly in two directions, has raised safety and comfort to new levels by providing the wearer with greater freedom of movement in the kidney area when hunched over a fuel tank, as well as in the chest area and arms.

Elasticated Inserts
The garment has elasticated inserts positioned in the most strategic locations to improve its ability to adapt to the body as it changes shape and moves while riding.

S1 Fabric
S1 fabric was developed to improve comfort and also to facilitate airflow through the garment. It is made of elastomer coated with Cordura polyamide, ensuring unmatched mechanical strength and elastic properties. Nanotechnologies are applied to ensure that it is highly water-/oil-repellent.

Quickdry Frame®
Dainese Quickdry Frame® is the technology that makes Dainese riding apparel always dry and comfortable. The Quickdry Frame® design channels moisture away from the body, allowing premium materials to dry 30% faster.

3D Bubble Liner
Designed and tested to meet the needs of racer Valentino Rossi, this special three-dimensional fabric enables an insulated air chamber to be created between the inside and outside of the garment, creating a microclimate that is ideal for both summer and winter.

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