Wilier Granturismo SLR Racing Bike

Wilier Granturismo SLR is a high-performance racing bike designed to bring out the utmost in comfort and performance. With Granturismo SLR, you can travel long distances while minimizing postural stress thanks to endurance geometries and ACTIFLEX 2.0, a new version of the rear micro-shock absorber developed in 2017 for the Cento10 NDR.

Wilier Granturismo SLR Racing Bike Key Features

Actiflex 2.0

The heart of the Granturismo SLR is the Actiflex 2.0 vibration damping system that enables the rear wheel to obtain up to 5mm in vertical travel. The 2.0 version of this system, which was featured on Cento10 NDR, winner of the 2017 Eurobike Award and of Tour Magazin’s prestigious Reader’s Award in 2018, has been updated to improve its performance.

Design and Efficiency

Actiflex 2.0, integrated into the Granturismo SLR frame, offers a smooth, comfortable ride. Its torsional stiffness and responsiveness are guaranteed by numbers very close to those featured on other Wilier racing bikes. The bridge on the rear stays and a new positioning of Actiflex near where the seat tube and top tube intersect allow for maximum frame integration—not just for aesthetic purposes but also to make it more functional.

When redesigning Actiflex, one of the main goals was to achieve maximum frame integration, not just for aesthetic purposes but also to make it more functional. In its new position, Actiflex is protected from dirt, mud, sand, and rain, offering an ideal solution to allow the four bearings to work easily without having to worry about future maintenance. The double-screw locking system makes disassembling Actiflex 2.0 easy

Two Types Of Elastomer

The rear wheel travel is regulated by an elastomer made of viscoelastic material. In models featuring Dura Ace Di2 12V and Sram Red AXS setups, a 3D-printed conformal lattice structure replaces the elastomer, which reduces the overall weight of the frame by 20g.


The frame’s geometries play a fundamental role in determining the endurance bike’s racing and comfort levels. In order to guarantee the highest possible performance on longer rides, it is important to consider frame tube proportions. The position is slightly shorter (less reach compared to bikes with traditional racing geometries) and higher (greater stack in comparison to racing geometries). This combination of reach and stack provides a more comfortable position without the need for spacers between the handlebar stem and the frame.

High-End Carbon

Granturismo SLR uses HUS-MOD carbon fibre, which combines the strength of liquid crystal polymer with vertical elasticity and increased torsional stiffness. This feature is also common to top-level products such as Filante SLR and Wilier 0 SLR.

Wheel Clearance

The bike’s wide fork crown improves aerodynamics and offers generous wheel clearance. Tires up to 32mm in width can be installed on the Granturismo SLR, a perfect size for a modern bike like this one bred for endurance.

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