Dainese Ladakh 3L D-Dry Jacket

Extremely functional and versatile due to its three-layer construction, Dainese Ladakh 3L D-Dry® Jacket is great for use in all seasons. The removable waterproof lining and thermal layer, which can be worn separately, protect against colder temperatures, while the large ventilation openings on the arms and torso make it suitable even for hotter climates.

The 4 large external pockets – 2 front and 2 cargo, one of which is mesh and easy to access even with one hand – offer lots of space for carrying everything you need on a trip, to hand at all times.

Dainese Ladakh 3L D-Dry Jacket Features

A Shield From Water And Wind

D-Dry® is a technology that provides optimum impermeability to water and air. Its elevated breathability ensures the evaporation of perspiration in all weather conditions.

Designed For Infinite Journeys

Highly-durable 3D inserts ensure superior abrasion resistance on most exposed areas, while maintaining a very flexible construction.

The Most Ergonomic Protection

Pro-Armor is a patented Dainese technology that enables the protector to simultaneously achieve both a high level of protection and extreme flexibility, replicating the body’s biomechanics by maintaining extreme mobility and coverage.

Thermal Insulation On And Off The Bike

The thermal lining ensures high heat insulation, maintaining a steady internal temperature. The high-quality construction and prestigious materials used allow for the weight and thickness of Dainese linings to be reduced without altering their thermal capacities and riding comfort.

3-Layer Construction To Face Any Condition

The 3L construction makes the garment extremely functional and versatile, in all seasons. Both the removable waterproof lining and the thermal layer protect ther rider against colder temperatures, while large ventilation openings on the outer shell make it suitable even for hotter climates.

Designed To Adapt To The Outer Climate

The rear webbing system makes it easy to open the back ventilation ports, just with one hand, allowing to increase air flow to the body when needed.

Greater Ventilation To Ride Even In The Hottest Climates

The Rear Neck air vent positioned on the nape, made in soft neoprene, ensures ventilation on one of key areas, especially when riding in the hottest climates. The flap can be easily openend with one single hand, also while riding and when using gloves, by detaching the strap and folding it inside the jacket.

One Hand Technology

These garments have been designed with a simple priciple: all regulations, ventilation ports, and zippers are meant to be fully operated with one single hand, also when wearing gloves.

Gloves Always At Hand

The Dainese Magic Connection® technology is a magnetic system that allows compatible Dainese gloves to be secured conveniently to the jacket. This way gloves are always in reach and don’t get lost when refueling or during short stops.

Pack All The Equipment

Greater storage is available thanks to large both internal and external pockets. These are easy to access even with one hand and offer lots of space for carrying everything you need on a trip, at hand at all times.

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