BenQ HT2060 Home Cinema Projector

Creating a truly immersive home cinema experience requires the perfect combination of vivid colors, exceptional image quality, and remarkable audio. The BenQ HT2060 Home Cinema Projector effortlessly brings your favorite movies to life, delivering true colors and authentic emotions that preserve the director’s original vision. Let’s explore the features that make this projector a must-have for any cinephile or gaming enthusiast.

True Colors for Authentic Viewing

With the BenQ HT2060, experience precise colors that evoke a range of emotions, be it sorrow, joy, romance, or thrills. Thanks to its long lamp life and LED technology, this projector offers rich DCI-P3 and 98% Rec.709 color coverage performance. Prepare to enjoy richer, more lifelike colors that stay true to the director’s intended vision.

Enhanced Visuals with HDR10 and HLG

The HT2060 is compatible with HDR10 and HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma), allowing it to produce deeper blacks and reveal subtle layers and fine details even in dark scenes. Bid farewell to washed-out visuals and embrace a visual experience that captures every nuance and brings out the true beauty of your favorite movies.

Filmmaker Mode for Authentic Movie Experience

By disabling all image enhancement post-processing and preserving correct aspect ratios, colors, and frame rates, the Filmmaker Mode of the BenQ HT2060 ensures that projectors display movies and streaming content exactly as intended by the filmmaker. Prepare yourself for the next-level home theater experience, where you can enjoy movies precisely as the directors envisioned them.

Immersive Audio for Thrilling Soundscapes

A truly captivating cinematic experience goes beyond visuals. The BenQ cinema projector comes equipped with built-in 5Wx2 chambered speakers that are specifically designed for optimal placement, direction, angle, and sound output. These speakers, combined with psychoacoustic tuning, deliver impressive low-range components, ensuring that you don’t miss any sound or detail.

Lag-Free Gaming

For gaming enthusiasts, the HT2060 is a dream come true. With a low input lag of just 16.7ms, it ensures that your actions translate seamlessly into smooth gameplay with friends. Say goodbye to frustrating delays and enjoy a responsive gaming experience that keeps you on top of your game.

Flexible Installation Options

Setting up a projector shouldn’t be a hassle, and with the HT2060, it isn’t. Its +10% vertical lens shift provides a perfectly straight-edged image without any resolution loss, giving you more flexibility when it comes to installation and placement. Additionally, the 2D keystone feature eliminates trapezoid effects, allowing you to project from different parts of the room effortlessly.

Maximize Available Space

The HT2060’s 1.3x zoom capability allows you to maximize available space, providing a range of throw distances for big-screen entertainment. Whether you have a small or large room, this projector ensures that you can enjoy a captivating cinematic experience without the hassle of complicated installation.

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