Asics Metaspeed+ Series

Building on the breakthrough success of the first Metaspeed™ shoes introduced in 2021, Asics has utilized data accumulated through its elite athletes in competition to refine the product design to cater to the two major running styles allowing every runner to perform at their personal best and record their fastest times yet. Introducing the Metaspeed™ Edge+ and the Metaspeed™ Sky+ shoes.

The unique design of the Metaspeed™ Sky+ model for stride runners and the Metaspeed™ Edge+ model for those with a cadence style continues to center on a crucial insight by scientists at the Asics Institute of Sport Science (ISS): Athletes perform better when running in shoes that are optimized for their running style. Therefore, Asics has again created two models so everyone will have the opportunity to run faster.

Both models now feature increased volumes of the FF Blast™ Tubo foam and more targeted placement of the product’s carbon plates to ensure that runners can increase their stride length and build increased speed in a way that is natural to their running style.

Asics Metaspeed+ Series


The Metaspeed™ Sky+ racing shoe is designed to help runners go faster by extending their stride length considerably. Thanks to an energetic FF BLAST TURBO foam and a propulsive carbon plate precisely placed to gain more bounce-back, runners wearing these shoes can conserve more energy while maintaining their pace at the later stages of the race.


The Metaspeed™ Edge+ racing shoe is designed to help cadence-type runners go faster by extending their stride length while allowing them to control cadence more easily. Runners wearing these shoes can experience a fast underfoot feel, thanks to the energetic midsole foam and a propulsive carbon plate appropriately placed for more efficient gait motion enabling them to elongate their stride and conserve energy while controlling their running tempo.

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