Lacoste x Minecraft

Lacoste x Minecraft is about building bridges between two worlds. An invitation to play, around a common philosophy, the starting point of this collaboration: that of mutual aid to build a better world. An opportunity to discover yourself. As a player, as an enthusiast, and as a member of the same community.

This collaboration is also an exploration of the virtual as well as the real. Adventurous, brilliant, and with fair play, all styles of players can now wear a custom-made uniform. A collection that focuses on the uniqueness of each, to better celebrate it.

Headlining the collaboration and highlighting the launch party were game girls Atomicmari and Shubble, music artist Brawk, and video creator Smajor, who unveiled the Croco Island map, developed especially for the occasion and available for free to gamers around the world.

This happy crew crossed paths virtually on this map inspired by the real world of Lacoste. In a city, in a forest, on a beach or on a tennis court, together they adopt the Minecraft codes with a giant crocodile that watches over their team spirit in the background.

The result of this collaboration is a collection of new essentials designed for Spring/Summer 2022 to express your own style – in the real or the virtual world.

For more than a decade, gaming enthusiasts of all ages have been immersed in the multicolored landscape maps of Minecraft. Today, this singular universe is immersed in a Lacoste collection that has nothing virtual about it: a 360° wardrobe for men, women and children, where the ready-to-wear and accessories are adorned with the pixelated graphics of Minecraft.

Gamer, discreet, sporty, explorer, risk-taker: there are as many profiles as there are players. And an infinite variety of game styles – and styles in general. The Lacoste x Minecraft collection merges the codes of both brands. It mixes mythical pieces from the crocodile brand (printed polo, monochrome sweatshirt, cap featuring a big crocodile) and more sportswear elements (logoed sports bras and tapered leggings). The crocodile has been redesigned and pixelated by the Minecraft Creative Studio and iconic quotes from both brands around the notion of play are featured on the collection’s key pieces. The common values of the two brands are also clearly expressed on the pieces as they are at the genesis of this collaboration.

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