Casio G-Shock MRGBF1000E Frogman Limited Edition

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. has unveiled an extraordinary timepiece that pays homage to two significant milestones: the 40th anniversary of the iconic G-SHOCK brand and the 30th anniversary of the renowned FROGMAN line. Limited to just 700 units worldwide, the MRG-BF1000E is a striking metal shock-resistant diver’s watch featuring a vibrant yellow design.

A Tribute to Legends

This year marks four decades since the introduction of the legendary Casio G-SHOCK brand, renowned for its exceptional durability and cutting-edge technology. Additionally, the FROGMAN line, celebrated for its distinctive asymmetrical form, commemorates three decades of success. In honor of these remarkable milestones, Casio has crafted new models, and the MRG-BF1000E takes center stage. This special edition timepiece builds upon the MRG-BF1000R, a titanium-clad watch that captures the essence of the FROGMAN line.

Vivid Yellow Delight

The MRG-BF1000E stands out with its vivid yellow color scheme, reminiscent of the original FROGMAN design. The band and index marks feature this eye-catching shade, while the crown, buttons, and screws are treated with gold ion plating. To add a touch of elegance, the case back is finished with gold vapor deposition. Additionally, an interchangeable metal band is included in the package, meticulously crafted with an abrasion-resistant deep-layer hardening process and diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating. Every detail showcases the watch’s exceptional quality and intricate craftsmanship.

A Collector’s Pride

Packaged in a special box adorned with G-SHOCK 40th and FROGMAN 30th anniversary badges, this limited edition timepiece is more than just a watch—it’s a collector’s item. Casio understands the passion of G-SHOCK enthusiasts and offers the opportunity to proudly display this exclusive piece alongside other treasured favorites. Owning the MRGBF1000E allows you to showcase your appreciation for the brand’s legacy and be part of a select group of watch aficionados.

Functional Excellence

Beyond its captivating design, the MRG-BF1000E boasts practical features that make it a true diver’s watch. The hour and minute hands overlap to form a single hand in dive mode, allowing for quick and easy tracking of elapsed dive time. Equipped with three dual-coil motors, this timepiece enables seamless switching between current time and dive time displays, ensuring maximum convenience and functionality for divers.

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