Alexander Shorokhoff – Full Calendar Merkur

In yet another remarkable stride in the realm of haute horology, Alexander Shorokhoff introduces the “Merkur,” a timepiece that redefines sophistication with its innovative full calendar feature. This exceptional watch not only tells time but also seamlessly integrates displays for date, day of the week, and month—a fusion of practicality and elegance that sets a new standard in wristwatch design.

Drawing inspiration from the planet Merkur in our solar system, known for its crater-dotted surface akin to the moon, the watch effortlessly weaves this celestial influence into its design concept.

The “Merkur” features a central date hand adorned with an orange tip, indicating the day, while the day of the week and month find their place at the 12 o’clock position. Adding to its allure, this timepiece goes a step further by including a lunar phase display at 6 o’clock. This mesmerizing feature showcases the various phases of the moon—full moon, half-moon, new moon, and waning moon—represented by a small disc that moves gradually throughout the month. During a full moon, the orange “sphere” aligns precisely at the center of the aperture, opposite the 29.5-day marker, depicting the moon’s orbit around the Earth.

The choice of the name “Merkur” stems from the planet Mercury’s attributes, its close proximity to the sun giving it a yellow-orange hue, echoing the inspiration behind the watch’s glowing lunar phase feature.

Meticulously selected colors further enhance the “Merkur’s” appeal, with a captivating combination of rich green, warm gold tones, and vibrant orange present in the calf leather strap, date hand, and lunar phase display, creating a harmonious and visually striking palette.

Underneath its exquisite exterior, the “Merkur” houses the automatic caliber DD9000 by Dubois Depraz, showcasing a hand-engraved and embellished rotor that epitomizes the pinnacle of craftsmanship. With blued screws and 25 jewels enhancing its movement, this timepiece stands as an embodiment of precision and elegance. A power reserve of approximately 42 hours ensures longevity, speaking to its endurance and reliability over time. Limited to just 31 pieces, this model is a genuine rarity in the world of horology, promising exclusivity and distinction to its fortunate owners.

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