adidas Supernova Rise

adidas, the global sportswear giant, has recently unveiled the latest addition to its running shoe lineup: the Supernova Rise. This revamped silhouette marks the first of three new models in the reimagined SUPERNOVA franchise, aiming to provide runners with an enhanced running experience focused on comfort and seamless performance.

The development of this innovative shoe was a collaborative effort between adidas’ Product and Design teams, drawing insights from an extensive survey involving 1,300 female runners. Among the crucial findings was the paramount importance of comfort in selecting the ideal running shoe for everyday runners.

Leveraging years of expertise in crafting performance running shoes and insights from various adidas Running franchises, the Product team delved into cutting-edge technology to incorporate into the new SUPERNOVA series. The result of this rigorous process is the introduction of Dreamstrike+, a novel midsole foam inspired by LIGHTSTRIKE PRO, a material renowned for its utilization in the record-breaking ADIZERO franchise. Dreamstrike+ boasts an upgraded formula tailored to offer unrivaled comfort and cushioning, encompassing the entirety of the midsole in the SUPERNOVA RISE and SUPERNOVA SOLUTION models. Meanwhile, the SUPERNOVA STRIDE model strategically places it in the forefoot region alongside an EVA compound midsole.

The Supernova Rise and Supernova Solution models integrate the Dreamstrike+ midsole with a Support Rod System, a groundbreaking technology rooted in the dynamics of foot movement. Embedded within the outsole, this system harmonizes support, facilitates smooth transitions, and delivers targeted stability. Notably, the Support Rod System in the SUPERNOVA SOLUTION model varies slightly, with two central rods fused together to provide enhanced support for runners seeking additional stability. Together, Dreamstrike+ and the Support Rod System ensure a blend of comfort and robust support, enhancing the running experience.

Among the standout features are the Comfort Heel Fit, a fusion of cushioning foam and soft textile engineered to deliver optimal comfort and support, and the meticulously crafted engineered sandwich mesh that caters to the diverse needs of runners.

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