2023 Yamaha NEO Electric Scooter

Introducing the 2023 Yamaha NEO Electric Scooter – a simple, stylish, and easy-to-use vehicle that has the potential to revolutionize your city travel experience by making every journey smoother, easier, and more enjoyable. With proven Yamaha quality and the many benefits of electric power, the NEO’s combines efficiency and low running costs to provide a smart, responsible, and accessible alternative to cars and public transport.

The NEO’s is equipped with the latest generation Yamaha Integrated Power Unit (YIPU) featuring an air-cooled brushless electric motor located inside the rear wheel hub, delivering a smooth and powerful ride with precise control at all speeds. The compact direct drive design eliminates the need for gears or belts, ensuring smooth operation and extremely quiet performance. The throttle design provides a smooth and confident feeling when accelerating from a standstill or riding in slow-moving traffic, making it an ideal choice for all riders.

With a relaxed and upright riding position, the new generation NEO’s is the perfect vehicle for riders of all ages, sizes, and experience levels. It offers easy agility, high levels of comfort, and simple twist-and-go performance, making it the smartest choice for zero-emission urban mobility.

The NEO’s comes with a single high-density 50.4V/19.2Ah lithium-ion battery that provides a range of 37km, and the range can be extended by purchasing an optional second battery. The battery is located beneath the dual seat for easy access and weighs only 8 kg. It is designed to maintain a high level of efficiency for 1000 cycles/10,000 km, and charging can be carried out with batteries fitted to the scooter or when removed.

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For longer-distance urban commuting, the NEO’s Dual Battery model is equipped with two portable 50.4V/19.2Ah lithium-ion batteries that can be charged while fitted to the scooter or easily removed and charged at home or the office. The NEO’s Dual Battery offers a potential range of up to 42 miles.

The NEO’s offers two selectable ride modes – STD and ECO – to suit different conditions and individual preferences. STD mode delivers the highest power output and is designed for typical road use, while ECO mode reduces battery consumption and is ideal for longer trips. You can easily switch between modes while riding.

The NEO’s provides many advantages, including low running costs, ease of use and the ability to access ultra-low and zero-emission zones in European cities. It is also one of the quietest ways to travel, measuring just 55 dB from seven meters away in official tests, compared to 71 dB for its 50cc combustion equivalent.

The NEO’s bodywork features soft rounded forms inspired by the design language of the original combustion NEO’s, giving it a smart, sporty, and distinctive look with universal appeal. The spacious footboard area features rubber mouldings on the outline to help protect against minor knocks and scratches, and the underseat compartment can accommodate one jet helmet or shoes and gym gear. With the second optional battery fitted, there is still enough space to carry a rainsuit or other personal items.

The compact LCD instruments provide a wide range of information, including charge levels of the main and optional second battery, and incoming smartphone calls and messages. Yamaha’s Smart Key keyless system allows for easy operation of the NEO’s, ensuring a hassle-free experience in a busy city.

The twin-eye LED headlights provide powerful illumination to see and be seen and are surrounded by white rings that give the NEO’s a fresh and contemporary look. The single-unit LED taillight and LED turn signals at the rear end underline the scooter’s clean and compact lines, completing the overall design of the 2023 Yamaha NEO Electric Scooter.

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