Xtrfy K5 Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Since the launch of their first gaming keyboard in 2013, Xtrfy’s keyboards have won awards from reviewers, praise from consumers, and Major esports tournaments at the hands of professional players. From their first-generation keyboards to the range of today, Xtrfy’s keyboards have shrunk in size and grown in customizability, with the goal of making professional esports equipment more expressful.

The Swedish gaming gear specialists are now introducing the Xtrfy K5 series, with two ultra-customizable keyboards in the compact 65% format.

The K5 Compact comes in two different editions as standard, and everything from the switches, stabilizers, and keycaps to the cable, frame, and even the little plate for the logo is swappable. It will be available as pre-built at retailers and custom-designed using Xtrfy’s custom keyboard builder online. In terms of performance, the keyboard is made for the highest level of esports, featuring a super-scan technology that scans all keys every half a millisecond to detect your keystrokes faster than ever before.

Xtrfy K5 Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Features

  • 65% size
  • Ultra-customizable
  • Hot-swappable Kailh Red switches
  • Strip LED RGB illumination
  • Super-scan technology for instant response
  • Pre-lubed PCB-mounted stabilizers
  • Double layers of sound-dampening foam
  • USB plug-and-play
  • 841 g
  • 325 x 110 x 37 mm

About Xtrfy

At Xtrfy, we make pro-level gaming gear in collaboration with some of the world’s most merited players. Our products are based on well-proven technology and the most important component of all: experience. We design them from the ground up at our offices in Skåne, Sweden, and have been doing so since the start in 2013.

Xtrfy K5 Compact More Information

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