Piaggio MP3 Series

The new Piaggio MP3 series features the modern powerplants in the hpe – High-Performance Engine family: The Piaggio MP3 400 hpe and Piaggio MP3 400 hpe Sport share the 400 cc variant with over 35 HP, while the range-topping Piaggio MP3 530 hpe Exclusive features the all-new 530 hpe unit, with a record power output for this class of over 44 HP.

Although maintaining the iconic look that makes it unmistakable, in terms of style, the new Piaggio MP3 makes a clean break from the past. The broader and more protective front has been completely redesigned and now features a new, horizontal light cluster with full LED technology. With the radiator moved to the lower part of the vehicle, between the front wheels and the footboard, a smaller and sportier air intake opens up at the centre of the front shield, characterised by a three-dimensional honeycomb grille. Below this is a spoiler that develops vertically, the result of a careful aerodynamic study aimed at ensuring greater stability and which acts as an element of separation between the wheels. The wheel arches leave the wheels mostly exposed, featuring fenders colour coded to match the body which provides continuity with the rest of the vehicle. The windscreen is also new with a shape designed to guarantee maximum protection with limited bulk.

The new model boasts many cues inspired by the latest trends in automotive design, such as the more imposing, sportier front fascia and turn indicators integrated into the wheel arches. This trend is even more visible as you look towards the rear end, with its taut lines that lead to the taillight unit, a unique, full LED horizontal element with built-in turn indicators, below which an original, extractor type profile opens up. The tail is generally more compact and sleek: the all-new position of the license plate holder on the mudguard, a solution making its first appearance on the Piaggio MP3, contributes further to the extremely lean, uncluttered look of the tail.

In line with the sportier design, the wheel rims maintain the characteristic, twin five-spoke design, but with tighter and sharper lines.

From the driver’s seat, the attention to detail and extreme rationalisation of the controls is immediately apparent: the brand new 7” full-colour TFT display is at the centre, the largest in the three-wheeled scooter segment, whereas the handlebar controls have been completely revamped in line with motorcycle logic, all to the advantage of functionality and ergonomics. The other controls are positioned on the dashboard, which has also been refined with the goal of creating a functional environment, carefully studied to be user-friendly, exactly like the dashboard of a luxury car.

Ergonomics have been improved across the board: first and foremost, the driving position has been made more comfortable with slight, but significant changes to the seat-footboard-handlebar triangulation. The handlebar has been moved back and raised 10 mm, whereas the footboard, more comfortable, has been lowered 20 mm. This translates into a more relaxed position and greater control over the vehicle for the driver. The seat is completely new, both for the driver and for the passenger, who benefits from more longitudinal space and a higher grab handle with a more comfortable grip. The numerous ergonomic improvements also include the new parking brake control. The lever positioned higher up on the leg shield back plate, close to the ignition switch, is now more conveniently located, making it easier to operate.

The leg shield back plate has two anti-impact pads the colour of the saddle in front of the rider’s knees. There is also a convenient, retractable bag hook. The compartment above the instruments has a drawer and USB connection, ideal for recharging a smartphone and any other enabled device.

The large under-seat compartment, complete with courtesy light and mat, is designed to ensure maximum usage; the roughly rectangular shape, without layers or separators, ensures that every square centimetre can be used. There’s room to comfortably fit two full-face helmets or a computer bag. The seat opens electrically, even from the remote control and from the PIAGGIO MIA app, with a power-assisted shock absorber for smooth, safe opening and closing.

One of the characterising elements of the new generation Piaggio MP3 is undoubtedly the man-machine interface. The driver benefits from a brand new 7” full-colour TFT display, the largest in the three-wheeled scooter segment, and from controls developed based on an entirely new logic in order to view all the available information and manage the numerous features more easily.

In the main area of the display, the primary information – speedometer, rev counter, fuel level, and engine coolant temperature – can be viewed in two different versions, analogue or digital. Daylight or nighttime backlighting is automatic, thanks to a twilight sensor, or it can be adjusted manually in the settings.

The large size of the display means that even more legible and bold graphics could be used. All the trip information (total and partial odometer, average speed, instantaneous and average consumption, range) are grouped on the right side, as are all the call and message notifications and navigation indications of the PIAGGIO MIA system.

Piaggio MP3 Series – Piaggio MP3 400 hpe

Two elegant metallic colour schemes with a glossy finish distinguish the most classic equipment package of the range. Piaggio MP3 400 hpe is available in Nero Cosmo and Grigio Cloud, combined with a black seat with black and grey stitching and graphite grey painted wheel rims. The package is rounded out by the exterior matt grey finishings and the internal finishings (instrument panel frame, dashboard) in warm chrome, a warm matt satin chrome colour.

Piaggio MP3 Series – Piaggio MP3 400 hpe Sport

The Piaggio MP3 400 hpe Sport is available in four colour schemes: Nero Meteora, Bianco Luna, Grigio Titanio, and Arancio Sunset Matt, all colours combined with gritty black painted wheel rims and a black seat with contrasting red stitching. Other red details, such as the front and rear shock absorber springs and the element on the wheel rims emphasise the sporty look. The glossy black of the external finishings, including the mask on the front end, creates another strong contrast, whereas the internal finishings (instrument panel frame, dashboard, strips on the central tunnel) are in matt grey. Front brake discs with a wave profile and a footboard with aluminium inserts are included as standard. 

Piaggio MP3 Series – Piaggio MP3 530 hpe Exclusive

Piaggio MP3 530 hpe has a popular equipment package, with four semi-matt colour schemes – Blu Oxygen Matt, Grigio Titanio, Nero Meteora, andGrigio Cloud Matt – combined with refined bronze-coloured details on the wheel rims, on the gearbox cover and on the seat stitching.

The package is rounded out by the graphite grey wheel rims, the exterior matt grey finishings and the internal finishings (instrument panel frame, dashboard, the stripes on the central tunnel) in warm chrome.

Front brake discs with a wave profile and a footboard with aluminium inserts are included as standard.


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