Völkl Deacon 76 Master

Völkl Deacon 76 Master

The Master edition of the Deacon 76  with tip and tail rocker offers riders a new dimension of direct steering and tip response. With an ash core, usually reserved for our World Cup models, two layers of Titanal with 3D. Glass, and even a tailored carbon tip, this ski is packed with the expertise offered by Völkl engineers. The tailored carbon tip enables direct and reliable tip response. By slightly modifying the angles and placement of the carbon fibres for each ski length, the various models can offer a highly sporty and aggressive yet effortless riding style. The Deacon 76 Master(Völkl Deacon 76 Master) is available in lengths of 176 cm and 181 cm and features a highly competitive but at the same time playful design concept, which allows you to ski at high speeds and with maximum creativity.

The Deacon Master furthermore features a special finish with 1.4° edging on the base and 87.6° edging on the sides. For maximum performance, the skis also come with a pre-mounted 10 mm Marker World Cup plate.


In this innovative manufacturing process, the new Tailored Carbon Tips are produced by embroidering the individual carbon fibers onto a carrier material. The stiffness, torsion, and thus the skiing characteristics can be specifically adjusted via the fiber thickness and millimeter-precise alignment. In this way, the fibers guide the dynamics to the areas of the ski where they are needed. The visibly integrated Tailored Carbon Tips are light, allow an agile shovel reaction with less effort and quickly build up energy. The Tailored Carbon Tips thus reach a new level of precision, direct tip response, and active skiing pleasure.

3D.GLASS is Völkl’s development to furthermore improve overall ski performance and stability even in critical snow conditions.

Compared to classic glass constructions the three-dimensional and multiple-folded glass layers in the tip and in the tail area result in an increased edge grip and a more vivid rebound behavior in turns.

Völkl Deacon 76 Master

Völkl Deacon 76 Master

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