One Clock

One Clock can be beautifully designed and crafted. It encompasses a timeless aesthetic and a blend of tactile, sustainably sourced materials: solid wood, powder-coated aluminum, and glass. Safe to say, it’s a clock constructed to final for generations. Fully analog, the clock has no screens, apps, or Bluetooth connectivity.

It comes with a Swiss-designed movement and a Tectonic Labs BMR speaker. Plus, it’s 100% silent when not taking part in music and has low light emissions for a great night time’s sleep. Different options embody a touch-sensitive nighttime light, a USB-C connection, and an inner backup energy system. The timepiece at present is available in White or Black variations, each of them designed with a solid white oak front.

As waking up gently enormously impacts our mood and conduct, discovering the suitable sounds to steadily activate the mind grew to become a precedence for the One Clock team. They partnered with a sonic strategist who created an in depth transient of the perfect tones, frequencies, devices, and tempos for the music. Grammy-winning musician Jon Natchez then used that transient to create an original soundtrack specifically for the One Clock.

Consequently, the clock’s music has just a few key options that units it other than common music. Other than steadily rising in quantity and slowly increase in intensity, the music additionally has a strong melody that includes devices like woodwinds, strings, brass, and percussion, along with the human voice. The songs have a tone between 200-1000hz, which matches the vary of human speech.

Sonic science to start your day

To mimic natural awakening, our compositions gently increase in volume, fading in gradually before continuing at the volume of your choice.

OneClock uses the innate biological power of melody versus simple, unrefined alarm tones.

Loud, jarring sounds create stress and impact the nervous system. Our sonic compositions gently build in melody, tempo, and intensity to lift you from your sleep.

We partnered with a Sonic Strategist (yes, that’s a thing) to sift through mountains of research to find the best tones, tempos, frequencies, structures, and instruments to wake you up. In the end, we took everything we learned and arranged it into a detailed sonic brief for musicians to use when composing music for OneClock.


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