VIVE XR Elite, the headset combines Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) capabilities into one compact, lightweight, powerful, and highly versatile device – perfect for gaming, fitness, productivity, and more.

The VIVE XR Elite headset includes a full-color RGB passthrough camera and hand-tracking capabilities, enabling new mixed reality (MR) scenarios. These include playing games where characters run on your furniture; having real-time overlays on musical instruments like a piano so that you can learn; and even having the ultimate workstation with multiple virtual screens while still being able to use your real-world keyboard and mouse.

Vive XR Elite can be connected to a PC via USB-C to access PCVR content from VIVEPORT and Steam and supports wireless PC streaming over WiFi or the latest generation WiFi 6E with low latency.

VIVE XR Elite has the ability to stream content wirelessly from a compatible Android phone. In the headset, you’ll enjoy viewing on your own personal cinema screen of 300 inches. That includes content from services like Netflix and Disney+ or games like Fortnite, and you can even connect a Bluetooth controller to your phone for a full gaming experience.

VIVE XR Elite’s modular design allows it to be easily transformed into a glasses form factor by removing the battery and using temple pads. This makes it easy to use in different situations, whether at home, in the office, or traveling on a plane.

The redesigned hinge of VIVE XR Elite cups your head just as the front and back of a traditional all-in-one. A USB-C connecting cable on the right-hand side can be plugged into a power source like a battery bank or airline seat.

With four wide-angle cameras, an exceptional six degrees of freedom spatial accuracy, a depth sensor, and hand-tracking capabilities, developers have lots of options to incorporate into VR and MR content for accurate movement.

The VIVE XR Elite has both physical controllers and hand-tracking for enhanced accuracy when gaming, productivity, and learning scenarios. The VIVE Wrist Tracker can also be attached to objects you want to track in XR.

The VIVE XR Elite features a wide 110 FOV and 4K resolution, producing a crisp image on a smooth 90Hz refresh rate. Adjustable lenses allow you to take off your glasses and still enjoy a clear picture with greater comfort, as they include a built-in fine-adjustable IPD slider placed on the outside of the headset.

The full headset weighs just 625g including the battery, which is placed at the back for balance and is curved for optimal comfort and delivers up to two hours of full XR use. The battery is removable and hot-swappable, so you can charge it via a USB-C port on your PC or other power sources; it charges in less than two hours and supports 30-watt fast charging.

The VIVE XR Elite also has a removable fabric face gasket, connected by magnets to make it easy to clean or switch out for a fresh one. The sound stage is enhanced by adding larger speakers that allow layers of immersion with enhanced bass, balance, and directional audio that adds up to better clarity in any XR experience.

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