Victorinox Live To Explore Collection

In a bid to celebrate the unique style of three iconic cities, Victorinox, renowned for its Swiss Army Knives, has launched the Live To Explore Collection, inviting style-conscious individuals to seamlessly integrate tools and accessories into their everyday outfits. Available in trendy, fresh, and modern designs, this collection is designed to be the perfect companion for any occasion.

The Victorinox Swiss Army Knife, known for its versatility and high quality, now offers a fresh perspective on style. This collection allows trendsetters to match their favorite tool with their lifestyle and daily attire without compromising on the brand’s Swissness and commitment to quality.

Paris Style: This style exudes romance and natural essence, transporting you directly to the City of Love. It features soft colors and a touch of light sweetness, making it a playful addition to your outfit.

Sydney Style: For those leading an active and dynamic lifestyle, the Sydney Style offers intense colors with a hint of freshness, reflecting the vibrant spirit of the Australian metropolis.

New York Style: If timeless elegance is your preference, the New York Style presents well-defined shapes, classic colors, and a touch of fashion.

Each style in the Live To Explore Collection includes three key items:

Victorinox Classic SD: A versatile multitool that includes practical functions like scissors, nail file, ballpoint pen, and blade.

The Companion: Another multitool, now with an innovative box opener function for easy access to online purchases.

Swiss Card Classic: A handy accessory featuring essential tools like scissors, a magnifying glass, and a pen.

In addition to these multitools, the collection offers matching accessories in the form of a key ring, a neck cord, and a card case, allowing you to complete your stylish package.

No matter where your future adventures take you, the Live To Explore Collection by Victorinox promises to be your stylish and practical companion, ready to assist in any situation. Explore the world with confidence and style using these versatile and fashionable tools.

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