Victorinox Architecture Urban2 Collection

Designed to cater to the needs of modern commuters and weekend adventurers, this collection introduces the Crossbody Bag, the Weekender, and an elegant new blue colorway. With its versatility, style, and award-winning design, the Urban2 collection is destined to become a must-have for those seeking both functionality and fashion.

A Comprehensive Range for Worry-Free Travel

The Architecture Urban2 collection has already gained recognition by winning the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, which celebrates exceptional product designs. Building upon this success, Victorinox now offers two new styles and stunning color options, providing customers with an even wider selection to suit their individual lifestyles. Choose between the sophisticated Grey/Black or the timeless Blue/Black, and experience worry-free travel with these sleek and elegant business bags.

Functionality Meets Protection

Every item in the Urban2 collection is meticulously crafted to deliver outstanding functionality. These bags are designed to provide 360-degree protection for electronic devices, offering secure storage and refined organizational solutions. The outer and inner compartments feature hi-density foam and a stretch fabric closure to ensure additional protection. The well-positioned zippers allow for easy and practical access to your belongings, making your everyday handling carefree and convenient.

Superior Features and Materials

The Urban2 collection goes above and beyond by incorporating premium features to enhance your experience. The antimicrobial lining, treated with SILVADURâ„¢ technology, inhibits the growth of microorganisms within the fabric, ensuring a hygienic environment. This lining can be cleaned up to 40 times while retaining the benefits of the treatment. The bags also feature soft leather touch points for a comfortable grip and high-quality fabric that offers water resistance, abrasion resistance, a soft touch reminiscent of cotton, and visually appealing two-tone effects.

Thoughtful Design for Everyday Use

Victorinox has taken care to consider every detail in the Urban2 collection. Coated zippers on selected pockets, a magnet-closing zipper cover for the main compartment, and a sound pocket for earbuds are just a few examples of the thoughtful design elements that enhance your daily routine. The backpacks come equipped with lockable zippers on the main compartments and protective feet on the bottom to prevent contact with dirty surfaces, ensuring your belongings stay clean and secure.

Personalization Options

Staying true to its brand DNA and drawing inspiration from the functionality of the iconic Swiss Army Knife, Victorinox offers personalization options with the Architecture Urban2 collection. You can have your initials or name (up to 12 characters) engraved on the iconic Swiss Army Knife scale in the color of your choice, adding a unique touch to your bag.

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