Vässla’s Sleek Pedal E-Bike for Effortless City Commuting

Vässla announced the U.S. availability of its Vässla Pedal e-bike and the launch of Vässla Club, a subscription service for New Yorkers. Weighing only 42 pounds(19 kg), this bike is equipped with a lightweight removable battery that weighs just 5 pounds (2.26kg) and can be used for charging and theft prevention. It has a unisex frame, making it suitable for anyone and everyone.

The Pedal e-bike boasts Scandinavian simplicity at its finest, adhering to the “less is more” philosophy. It features a single-gear 45 Nm e-system with a maintenance-free belt drive and integrated lights. It also includes a torque sensor for a smooth and intuitive ride.

Designed with a moderate seating position and ergonomic handles, the Pedal e-bike makes everyday commuting a breeze. It has full connectivity with a companion mobile app and GPS-based theft protection. In recognition of its design and features, the Pedal e-bike was awarded gold in the German Design Awards 2023.

Other features of the Vässla Pedal e-bike include a carbon belt drive, a torque sensor, a carbon front fork, a 100km(62 miles) electric range, and a hub motor in the rear wheel. It also has a removable and lockable battery, dual hydraulic disc brakes, GPS tracking, and lock/unlock functions using the companion mobile app. It has a phone connector case, integrated lights, and internal wiring, making it a sleek and stylish option for city commuting.

The Pedal e-bike is designed for a maximum load of 265 pounds(120 kg) and is recommended for individuals between 5 feet(1.52 m) and 6.6 feet(2 m) tall. It has a hydraulic system with brake pads, dual-action, and a 45 Nm 250W motor with a torque sensor for a smoother kick.

Vässla worked with product design genius Christian Zanzotti to create the Pedal e-bike. Zanzotti has worked with international clients such as BMW and has designed a broad spectrum of products ranging from automotive and mobility to furniture, consumer goods, and lifestyle products.

The Vässla Pedal e-bike is a good option for individuals looking for a lightweight and stylish e-bike for their daily commutes in the city.

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