The Brook

The brook is a prototype building designed and built by Aaron shields (small projects) and Nick lane (small). It was constructed to shatter the parable that a small area needed to signify a compromise.

On a footprint of simply the 30 m2 we produced a building that feels beneficiant and playful, whereas nonetheless holding onto necessary architectural principles equivalent to light, orientation, circulation and the thought of utility of materials.

This build represents what might be potential in case you throw away the rulebook.

Designed with an expandable roof that operates via an old farm wheel wound by hand, the building reveals a cathedral like area with a mezzanine bed room and study.

We wanted to indicate people that the one limitation that ought to exist when fixing problems equivalent to affordability, and sustainability, is our own imagination.

The prototype of the built-to-order tiny house is clad in cypress and bands of copper. “Cypress trees are generally used as wind breaks on agricultural land in southwest Victoria,” Lane says. “They usually get thrown onto a pile and burned, but we noticed worth in repurposing [the material]—there are two tons of saved carbon hanging off the aspect of this tiny home.”

Over time, the cypress will turn a silvery grey tone. Because the copper ages, it can additionally develop a patina, changing into orangish-brown. “We wished the Brook to really feel at home in a landscape of rusted red farm sheds and worn-out coastal buildings,” the designer continues.

A steel-and-glass pivot door in the living room opens to the landscape, connecting the interior with the outdoors. The window-lined living area additionally options customized furniture and a wood-burning fire.

Lane and Shields laid volcanic bluestone tile cut from Mount Rouse in Victoria all through the bathroom and kitchen.


Small projects

Small projects mission is to provide housing and accommodation innovations that evoke a sense of luxury and warmth that is uncommon in transportable buildings. Considered design, attention to detail, sustainability, and craftsmanship are our defining principals. Every design feature and material element has been carefully chosen to enhance the human experience, whether it be on holiday or in the comfort of your own home.

All too often great design and building ideas get beaten down and compromised through cost and time management challenges. By focusing on smaller spaces, built in a in a controlled environment, we are able to deliver beautiful, sustainable buildings, that are architecturally designed, and offer flexibility for business and residential purposes.

All our smalls will carry the trademark look and feel of the brook while maintaining a focus on efficient design and use of space, which means our smalls can be delivered to our extremely high building standards, but also at a reasonable price. We will not compromise on the quality of our design or material selection, because we believe it is what sets us apart and makes the end user happier in the long run.

All buildings represent a huge investment both emotionally and financially, and for this reason we encourage people to make an investment in quality not quantity.

Any space be it large or small should enrich the lives of the individuals within it as well as the space around it, with this ethos small projects is working towards a better built landscape.

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